5 Relaxing Tea Houses Close To Concordia University

When you need something that is not coffee.
5 Relaxing Tea Houses Close To Concordia University

Photo cred - Ania Mendrek

Okay, we all know coffee is the very lifeblood that flows through the veins of every Montrealer. But what about coffee’s little brother, tea? How long must we wait to hear the words, “he took me out for a tea date,” or “bro, let’s go study at that tea place”? Well, if you’re near Concordia’s downtown campus, the answer to that question is (drumroll please)… not long at all, with the help of this list. Don’t worry, my steeped friend. We see you. And we love you.

1. Hestia

2325 Guy

At this point we all know how awesome Hestia is, but just to refresh your memory: tons of outlets, a comfortable seating (study?) area, unique and delicious tea/tea lattes, and friendly staff. Hestia basically hits all the points for a prime tea place, so venture up Guy Street and grab yourself a Matcha latte.


2. Nos Thés

1609 Ste-Catherine Ouest

Probably most famous for its bubble teas - but steeped in other options as well (see what I did there?) - Nos Thés just might be the newest tea place to open up near Concordia. Don't worry, though, it's doing great. And with tasty teas, and more, there really is no question as to why. Bonus points for its spacious-yet-comfortable seating area, which might just make studying for finals a whole lot easier.


3. Nocochi

2156 Rue Mackay

Ah, tea. Possibly one of the most calming and unpretentious hot beverages ever... and we slap it in a to-go cup and chug it during class while simultaneously taking notes, checking Facebook, and texting. Which is cool. Except sometimes, you just want to chill somewhere over a pot full of tea from China, Japan, India, or Sri Lanka, and decompress. Maybe invite a few friends, too. Maybe whip out a book or two and start prepping for finals. Either way, you'll want to get yourself to Nocochi to enjoy an exotic cup of tea.


4. Thé Kiosque

1428 Rue Mackay

Cozy and cute, Thé Kiosque is the quintessential tea place around Concordia. The tea is good, the study space is plenty, and the staff is friendly. The only downfall? It’s so great that’s it’s almost always packed. So if you’re down to get a cup and bask in the urban zen, get there early.


5. David's Tea

1310 Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Do you see that turquoise banner sticking out from the storefronts on St. Catherine? That's David's Tea, my friend. And it's beautiful. There are a bunch of David's Tea locations in Montreal - and even in Canada - so no matter where you are you can pick up your favourite tea (Queen of Tarts, anyone?) and it will be consistently great. But this location also has a couple of seats available, so if you and a friend want to browse the and then get some studying done, feel tea to! Get it? No? I'll see myself out.


Got any great tea spots? Leave a comment and let me know!