5 Restaurants With $5 Menus In Montreal You Gotta To Try

Gather your pocket change!
5 Restaurants With $5 Menus In Montreal You Gotta To Try

There are so many new restaurants opening this Summer to compliment the already vast selection of eats available, it's almost too hard to keep up. Not to mention, not all of us can afford going to each restaurant in the city that offers great food.

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But what if you are really craving some good takeout or restaurant dining and payday is just too far away? Not to worry, there are luckily a few restaurants in the city that offer amazing $5 menus. 

That's right, you can get a complete meal for five bucks.. in Montreal! It really doesn't get any better than this.


1019 Mont-Royal Ave E

With a pretty big menu full of traditonal pub eats such as nachos, burgers, perogies and sandwiches, you wouldn't expect everything on the menu to be $5. The portions are pretty big, so you are definitely getting a bang for your buck. This spot is also a nice bar to grab a drink with your meal, unfortunately drinks are not apart of their $5 menu, but at least the grub is!


Pot Masson

Via Pot Masson

3141 Rue Masson

Serving up an amazing Breakfast menu, you're going to want to grab some food from Pot Masson ASAP. The restaurant not only serves up mouth-watering waffles, but offers an entire lunch and dinner menu as well. The catch? As long as you buy a drink or cocktail (which you're going to want to do anyways) any food menu item is only five bucks.


La P'tite Grenouille

3435 Saint-Laurent Blvd

You probably already know of this spot because of their 10 litre sangria pitchers, but did you know a new $5 menu is available and it's pretty amazing? There's 30 menu items including brunch, lunch and dinner cuisine. Pair this with a shared sangria pitcher with friends and you can't go wrong.




1641 Saint-Denis St.

With a photo of poutine THIS good, it's hard to believe this as well as burgers, tacos, grilled cheese and pizza are only five bucks! Although there are menu items that are a bit more expensive, nothing is over $10. As long as you grab a drink with your meal, menu items are a firm $5.55.


Le Warehouse

@joyceacs_embedded via

1446 Crescent St.

You've probably heard of this restaurant and bar somewhere before, but Le Warehouse is the place for all things comfort food. Better yet, all things comfort food for under $5. With menu items such as mac&cheese, quesadilla, and a bunch of hearty sandwiches (including a vegetarian option) all you need is a cold drink to complete this cheap eat.


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