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5 Simple Ways To Be Creative And Get Work Done

How to make your brain play the right way.
5 Simple Ways To Be Creative And Get Work Done

We all get a little thought-blocked, and it’s never fun, especially when you have that massive term paper that needs a unique angle, or problem sets that just seem unsolvable.  Even though everyone works differently, here’s some ideas to clear your brain clog.

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Be an early bird

I’m not trying to condone AM peppiness, because no one wants to deal with energizer bunnies before noon (at the earliest), but there’s something about gathering your thoughts in those quiet hours before the world wakes up that can really get your creativity in overdrive. On top of it all a solid breakfast to insert the right amount of fuel needed to kick start your body and mind.

Embrace your productive vices

Sometimes your brain just refuses to cooperate without mass amounts of caffeine, and its okay to go along with this desire if coffee is your creative juice. Beethoven, Kierkegaard and Balzac were all manic about their coffee intake, and they apparently did okay in terms of creativity. I would recommend moderation, because spazzy jitters won’t get much accomplished.

Let yourself daydream

Sometimes letting your mind wander will get you unstuck when you’ve hit a creative wall. Thinking about a particular project or task for too long can make your mind too used to it in its current state—don’t be afraid to take a short break or relax with a drink and let your thoughts wander. You’ll be surprised how they find their way back to you bearing solutions when inspiration from your surroundings mix with your existing thoughts to make an inspiration lovechild.

Schedule, schedule, schedule

Create a routine that works for you and then stick to it. If you give yourself a window of time where you need to do a particular task at the same time every single day, your brain definitely gets used to churning out new ideas within this period. It may take a few tries getting used to the new structure in your days, but it will pay off as you ease into it.

Don’t be a work space diva.

In the words of Kurt Vonnegut, “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” Basically, figure out a way to get focused in whatever environment you find yourself. Maybe that means getting yourself a few pairs of earplugs or making notes for inspiration as you go about daily chores. The point is to realize that waiting for the perfect work environment is just another form of procrastination that won’t bring much reward at all.

What are some sure-fire ways that get you being creative? Share your wisdom with us! Comment below to let us know what helps you work when nothing else will.

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