5 Reasons You Need To Go To Mont-Tremblant's Electronic Getaway This Summer

With only 2 weeks left, you won't want to miss the biggest party in Mont- Tremblant.
5 Reasons You Need To Go To Mont-Tremblant's Electronic Getaway This Summer

This summer, everyone's favorite resort, Mont-Tremblant, opens its doors to hundreds of festival goers, DJs and a whole lot of fun. On June 27th, escape with Electronic Getaway and experience a weekend of partying, drinking, dancing and more. Just when you thought electronic dance music festivals couldn't get any better, this weekend getaway will leave you wanting more.

Electronic Getaway will take you on a journey from Montreal to this year’s biggest private festival in the heart of the Laurentian mountains.

Here's why you NEED to go:

1. The DJs

Montreal's Homegrown electronic DJ duo Paris & Simo are set to headline and host this year’s biggest event on June 27th. Fresh off their tour with David Guetta, these two are on their way to play at Life in Color in Equador before making their way to Mont Tremblant. The've also performed both internationally as well as in Montreal, where they lit up Beach Club, New City Gas and other venues. Several special guests, who will be announced closer to the event date, will complete the party's unforgettable line-up.

2. The Pool & Beach Party

Waking up with a hangover won’t seem all that bad when you’re rolling out of bed and into your bathing suits. Electronic Getaway will host a pool & beach party on June 28th in the middle of Mt-Tremblant village. Throw down one last time and soak up the sun with special guest DJs to bring this incredible experience to an end.

3. The Drinks

Electronic Getaway is a full on BYOB event. Be sure to get all sorts of liquor and guard your bottles with your life! You won't have to worry about the deps in Mont- Tremblant closing early and over charging you, as you'll be able to stock up before your weekend getaway. Drink responsibly friends!

4. The People

With an expected turnout of thousands of attendees, you'll be celebrating summer with huge amount of electronic music lovers and soaking up the sun at Electronic Getaway's epic weekend event. This event is also open to anyone 16+.

5. The Full Package

At $150 a ticket, your electronic weekend includes transportation to and from the resort, a room in Mont- Tremblant's four star hotels, entrance to all of the events as well as all of Tremblant's clubs. Want to road trip up to Mont- Tremblant? Your ticket will have a $40 reduction, making all this madness cost only $110. Feel like spoiling yourself? Get the VIP package for an additional $65 and upgrade your hotel room, get the no- line up pass to all the events, private sections at the show and a swag bag filled with free promo, signed by each of the featured DJs.

ATTEND Electronic Getaway this summer and BUY your tickets! TRAVEL to Canada's leading resort and let your love of house music lead the way...

Will we see you there?