5 Struggles A Montrealer Goes Through Every Morning

"If I wake up earlier, I might be able to eat"
5 Struggles A Montrealer Goes Through Every Morning

As most humans on this planet, the common Montrealer wakes up in the morning and goes through a few things that can potentially get fvking annoying. Montreal has a pretty wide range of struggles which can affect us on a daily basis.

Let's go through five together and see if it fits you: 


"Is it -20 degrees or -35?"

"Am I going to end up like that squirrel in Ice Age if I don't wear a hoodie?"

"Will I go through my day dying in my own sweat if I wear a coat today?"

As a montrealer, you pretty much can never be sure how it's going to look and feel outside. One morning it can be amazingly hot, t-shirt weather type, then next morning it's 2 degrees in the middle of July.


"How long am I going to wait for the bus?"

"How many thousands of people will be waiting at the station?"

"Will I be 20 minutes late or 40 minutes late to work/school?"

Those 3 very common questions will pop in your mind every morning if you commute to work or school. No escape possible, you either estimate and calm yourself down or wait in denial until you can actually find out.


"If I wake up 5 minutes earlier, I might be able to eat a toast"

"I got this 5$, maybe I can wait until I'm close to work and pass by Tims"

The regular morning struggle between having 10 minutes to prepare for school for work and the constant need to eat. Lets be real, you probably end up not eating breakfast in the morning 90% of the time. By the way, that's quite an unhealthy habit to have!


"What the hell am i going to wear today"?

"Is this going to fit the weather or am I going to be sweating more than the 400lb guy playing baby-foot last night at the bar?"

Man, what a struggle to know what I'm going to wear the whole day. Our city is full of beautiful people and there's always this little feeling of accomplishment when wearing a nice outfit. It's nice to keep that up on a daily basis, but it's also time consuming to dress up properly for everyone every single day.


"What do I have to do today to push or accomplish the following objectives for this particular project"

"When & how can I get this done"

Our city is full of people with beautiful projects. Whatever project you have, whatever project you are working on, if you are passionate about them, they will be on your mind in the morning. Especially when a project counts a lot to you, your morning thoughts always head towards your personal goals. This is 2015 you know, narcissim and all that shizzles.

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