5 Struggles Concordia University Students Go Through With Their Significant Other During Finals

Making or breaking it; romantically and academically.
5 Struggles Concordia University Students Go Through With Their Significant Other During Finals

It's no secret that end of semester stress is a major relationship ball-buster.  Finals time is very difficult for students all across the city.  Your patience has run short, your brain capacity is at an all time low, and you're probably taking your significant other for granted.  Here are some things you have most certainly done during your manic, neurotic finals mode:

1. The "Nobody Understands"

If you've told your boo once, you've told them 900 times; all the hard work and hours you're putting in, how much of an asshole your prof is, how stressful it is to have so many assignments due at once, how your family won't give you any slack, how there are no study spots because the SGW Library is STILL under construction. HOW NOBODY UNDERSTANDS, NOT EVEN YOU!

2. The "I Have Too Much Homework To Hang Out This Week" ....PSYCH

You probably told your significant other you have too much work to do, they are distracting you, and logistically there is just no time between now and next week that you can hang out. Of course this is a LIE, because as soon as you're either 1. done one of seven assignments or 2. seriously can't do anymore homework ATM; you are texting and calling them, trying to convince them to drink alcohol at one of the local bars; ahem: I would say Reggie's if it were ever open.

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3. The "Let's Have A Study Date"

This makes perfect sense: you're enduring finals, you both want to do well, you can look over one another's work, you even found a nice quiet corner on the 10th floor of the Hall building. WRONG. Has this ever successfully worked for more than an hour? By the time your study session is over, you have a very minimal amount of work done, and if you aren't both already naked, then you are probably very well informed on all your mutual friends' gossip.

 4. The "You Got My Fucking Order Wrong"

The point during finals where eight coffees a day is acceptable, and if you let the barista at The Hive use soy milk instead of almond milk in my latte; this relationship is seriously fvcking done.

5. The "I Just Can't Do This Anymore"

Aw shucks. Between all the misplaced latte orders, mutual distraction, and looming deadlines-- You just need to cut some sort of responsibility out of your life. So you end your relationship right then and there, in E.V. building. But then you hand in all your assignments and realize... you were an incoherent psychopath. If your significant other has put up with any of these things, semester after semester; we strongly encourage you to never give them up.

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