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5 Things Canadians Need To Know About Marijuana "Being Legal" In 2018

The country is about to change forever.
5 Things Canadians Need To Know About Marijuana "Being Legal" In 2018

By now you probably heard that marijuana will be legal next year. 

But it's not like the government can't just stand up and say: "it's legal now, bye". They have to outline actual rules and regulations before they legalize anything. 

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Things are still being planned, but here''s what we know so far about marijuana being legal in Canada. 

1. When Will It Be Legal?

The government claims marijuana will be fully legal by July 1st 2018. They plan on introducing the new legislation just in time for 4:20 of this year, but keep in mind these dates "highly speculative".

2. What Are the Rules? 

Well that depends on where you live in Canada. Each province will have the right to choose how marijuana will be regulated and distributed. However Ottawa will be setting minimum restrictions.

3. Where Can You But It?

There are several options on the table. Some people want the the liquor commissions to manage distribution. In the case of Quebec it would be the SAQ. But others believe selling marijuana along side alcohol is a bad idea and it should be sold by private businesses such as the Cannabis Culture stores that opened up in Montreal briefly.

4. What's The Age Restriction?

The minimum age to purchase and consume marijuana will be 18 years old, juts like alcohol and tobacco products. But certain provinces may raise that age to either 19 or 21.

5. What About The People Who Got Arrested For Marijuana?

Before announcing legalization, the Canadian government should really figure out what will happen to everyone who was jailed or fined for marijuana possession. Will their police records we wiped clean, will they all be released and compensated or will we keep them in jail. What about everyone who gets arrested between now and July 1st, 2018? Unfortunately the government has kept pretty quiet about these issues.

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