5 Things Every New Montrealer Needs To Do

Make your move much more smooth.
5 Things Every New Montrealer Needs To Do

Moving to a new city is scary for most people - you can never really be sure what to expect. But if you want to get over your fears and enjoy your new environment, here are a few ways to get settled into life in Montreal.

1. Make friends

This is obvious but sometimes you need to know where to look. Meetup.com or even Facebook is a great place to look and identify Montreal groups who have common interests.

2. Learn the Language

While you’re out there making friends, make sure you make some French one’s too. As you know, French is one of our official languages and in most places you may not get by without it. A French/English dictionary might help with the basics but there are some courses available to help you get some practice.

3. Learn the ‘hot spots’

Every city has its hot spots and Montreal is no different. Find the best places to eat, drink, dance, lounge or whatever you like and make that your little piece of fun. Chances are you work all week and you’ll need to find a time and place to unwind.

4. Attend as many events as you can

Montreal has loads of festivals, concerts and other annual events that you must be a part of if you want to call yourself a Montrealer (ok it’s not that serious, but you get my point). St. Jean Baptiste has amazing fireworks at pretty much every corner of the city, The annual Carifiesta Parade brings the Caribbean islands to the streets of downtown Montreal with music, dancing, food and more. Participating in one or more annual events will get you quickly entwined in our rich and diverse culture.

5. Get a hobby

Again, another great way to make friends, get involved in your community or just engage in fulfilling work is to find something you love to do that brings you peace of mind and serenity. Montreal is not the busiest metropolis in Canada, but too much work and no play is enough to make anyone burn out. Find something you love to do and do it frequently.

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