5 Things I Learned About Myself From Dating A Montreal Fvckboy

Lessons on lessons on lessons.
5 Things I Learned About Myself From Dating A Montreal Fvckboy

In my early twenties, fuckboys used to have a luring effect on me. I was attracted to them and found them good looking, mysterious, stylish. Until I actually got to spend time with one. It wasn't a serious relationship, we just went on a couple of dates. That was more than enough for me to realize that fuckboys represent a forbidden territory. That short and NOT sweet experience has taught me a few things that I'd like to share with you today. Perhaps it will help girls avoid falling for the wrong guys and learn from my mistakes.

I need to trust my gut instincts

When I met Joe (let's call him Joe), I immediately had that feeling in my stomach that he's not a good person. But I mistakenly confused that feeling for butterflies and thought, "Hey, maybe I'm feeling things for him. He's giving me butterflies in the stomach, that's great." Nope, that was just my gut feeling telling me to stay away from Joe.

I need to love myself

Dating Joe was a very short and insignificant experience that has taught me a lot about myself nonetheless. Being with someone who is not good to you is like punishing yourself for something. Why do women let men mistreat them? Because they forget how to love themselves. In other words, when you find that self-content within yourself, you realize, "Wait a minute, I don't have time for this bullshit. I deserve to actually be treated like a princess."

I should never settle

If I hadn't dumped Joe, I'm positive that we would have dated for a while. And I would have to deal with his endless "side chicks" (he actually used that word, ew!), lies and drama. As much as I was attracted to him, I knew that settling would be a huge mistake. Huge. So I didn't, even though a part of me really wanted to.

I need to keep my standards high

I hear a lot of men say, "Women don't know what they want." And it totally applied to me back in the days. Dating Joe made me realize what I didn't want in a man and that was a first step in the right direction. Today, I know exactly what I want. Yes, I have standards when it comes to letting people into my life and there's nothing wrong with that.

I need to grow up

My attraction to Joe was completely immature. A grown woman - that I like to think I am today - would never fall for someone like him. Maturity makes me value qualities other than looks and style. It's almost embarrassing to admit that I was attracted to someone just because he had a pretty face. That's as shallow as it gets.

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