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5 Things People Playing Pokémon GO In Montreal Are Getting Tickets For Right Now

Don't piss off Officer Jenny.
5 Things People Playing Pokémon GO In Montreal Are Getting Tickets For Right Now

Pokémon GO has been going strong for over a week now (officially) in Montreal, and it's already changed the way plenty of people are going about their lives. We're home to one of the friendliest, most outgoing and passionate communities in my humble opinion (FOR VALORRRR!); we just want to catch 'em all! It's kind of a double-edged sword, though, since we Montrealers tend to do things at 110%. AKA shouting "DRAGONITE" at 1:00am in the middle of Cabot square & pissing off all non-players, as well as leaving behind an endless trail of overflowing trash and litter.

I love what Pokémon GO has been doing for our community! People have been much more open and friendly to one another, meeting new friends and discovering new places all alongside catching and hatching our favorite nostalgic little pocket monsters. I don't want this to get ruined for us, so here's a list of things you should avoid doing in Montreal if you don't want to get a ticket.


1. Don't Litter

This should be self-explanatory, but I understand that nothing was done with malicious intent. You're there for hours with your lure set up, that Charmander finally spawned and you don't want to walk away from it & risk losing those glorious candies. I get it; but please, be aware of your surroundings. Bring a garbage bag with you when you're planning on farming so when the lures run out, you can simply tie and and place it next to the trash bags. There! You've taken care of your precious pokecluster spot and avoided a ticket.

2. Don't Jaywalk

This is the absolute easiest way to get nailed with a ticket. Wait for that green light to run after Haunter, or else you'll find yourself staring at something other than your phone with the same emotion as hatching a Weedle.

3. Don't Park on Private Property

Police have officially started giving tickets to people who have been parked in cars camped next to lures for loitering/private property violations. While this definitely sucks as cars are ridiculously convenient (it's a charging station and weather-resistant? DOWN.), unless you want that fat ticket inhibiting your journey, you best stay away from the red signs.

4. Don't Disturb Neighborhoods at Night

While those prank YouTube videos are hilarious, try avoiding running with literal hordes of people shouting various pokémon. We have to stay respectful to the residences; don't forget, pokémon usually spawn around people's homes! "Noise Polution" & "Public Disturbances" have legitimate laws and regulations, so try not to push those boundaries too far. Now, if you're at the Olympic Stadium at 11pm and that Clefable managed to respawn, go nuts!

5. Don't Fight Other Teams

As the leader of the Valors, I have immense pride in my group and faith in the passion & ability of each and every one of my team! That being said, my best friend happens to be one of the admins for Team Instinct. So, obviously we're still besties! Just because someone chooses a specific color over another, it gives no right to cause legitimate judgement and arguments between people. We're all in this to play together, to enjoy the community and grow alongside one another! No time for hate when there's too much fun to be had, so let's leave that pettiness at the door and cheer each other on while we're out hunting.

Stay smart & safe, Trainers! We're not Team Rocket combating Officer Jenny's; we can be the very best while keeping our wallets (& demerit points) intact.

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