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5 Things Every Montrealer Should Know About Sunscreen

Protect your skin and don't let the sun win.
5 Things Every Montrealer Should Know About Sunscreen

Photo cred - Piknic Electronik

Summer is here and while that means terraces expand, sangria gets poured and waking up early is easier than ever, it also means the sun is shining. You might be thinking it's time to get that tan on, but it's also time to slather on the sunscreen and protect yourself against the harmful UV rays out there. Here are some facts about the summer's sun that may leave you quite surprised.

1. Drinking fruity, alcoholic beverages means you need to reapply sunscreen more frequently

So if you plan on basking in the sun for a long period of time, say at the Tams or Picnik, you may want to be wise and reapply a few times throughout the day to make sure you don't turn into a red lobster.

2. You're probably not using enough

Think about how much you squirt on your hand when applying it in the morning. A dime-size amount? A quarter-size? You'll need more than that to cover all the exposed skin you're rocking in the summer. While clothes protect you from the sun's rays better than sunscreen, your tank tops and jean shorts are leaving you without any protection at all, and that's why sunscreen is so essential in the summer!

3. Apply sunscreen everywhere

Remember that song you learnt as a kid "Elbows, knees, and toes..." This is a reminder that the sun can find its way into every little spot of exposed skin so your sunscreen should be applied EVERYWHERE to your scalp, your ears, your hands and don't forget the feet. And don't forget your lips, too! Nothing hurts more than sun burnt lips!

4. Sunscreen can't protect one vital area of the body, so take extra precaution

What's the one place that's visible to the sun's pelting rays yet can't be protected by sunscreen? That's right-your eyes! So even though you can't rub sunscreen in your eyes (it's extremely painful and can cause a bad reaction!) You should invest in a pair of UVA and UVB shades to ensure that you protect your eyes too.

5. UVA and UVB rays are everywhere, so protect your skin

UVA rays are as dangerous as UVB rays and are they are present year-round. The sneaky rays can penetrate through glass and clouds, and damage skin without leaving a tell tale burn behind. Your best bet is to look for a sunscreen with "broad spectrum protection" and scan the ingredient list for approved UVA guards.