5 Things You Really Need To Know About "Black Friday" In Montreal

You should be prepared for the shopping insanity to come.
5 Things You Really Need To Know About "Black Friday" In Montreal

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Black Friday is happening in Montreal at the end of November, whether you're ready for the holiday mega-sale or not. Given the money you can save, the mass amount of participating retailers, and the extensive lowdown we're about to give, you should be fully prepared for Black Friday 2014 in Montreal, and if you still aren't, well holiday shopping is going to be that much more difficult for you.

To those unfamiliar with American shopping culture, Black Friday, and its partner in retail-savings Cyber Monday, may sound like the beginning of the apocalypse. Thankfully, that isn't the case, though some shoppers react in much the same way, going end-of-the-world-crazy for potential savings on all sorts of products. Just so everyone is on the same page, here's everything you need to know about Black Friday in Montreal.

1. What the heck is Black Friday EXACTLY?

As alluded to, Black Friday is a recent shopping event in Canada borrowed from out American neighbors to the south. Every year, on the final weekend of November, when the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving, the holiday shopping season begins with a bang, with nearly all retailers offering some sort of deal. Ending the weekend is Cyber Monday, the final day of Black Friday weekend, one of, if not the , biggest online shopping days of the year.

Combined, the two will be make for the largest shopping event of the year. What about Boxing Day you say? Forget about Boxing Day, it's so two thousand and late, and I use that Black Eyed Peas circa 2008 reference to demonstrate how irrelevant Boxing Day all but become.

Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend is slated for November 28th to December 1st 2014. It took a while, but Canadian retailers have begun to hold their own Black Friday sales, and Canadian shoppers have responded in kind. 1 million Canadians plan to skip work/school to get the best deals on Black Friday, so don't be left behind.

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2. Black Friday Pre-Sales Are Already Happening

Certain stores couldn't even wait 'til the final weekend of November to entice you with deals, as some have already launched Black Friday pre-sales. Here's a list of a few we found:

  • PUMA Pre-Sale: Up to 30% off the entire store
  • Danier Pre-Sale: Select coats lowered to $149, deals on accessories, in-store and online
  • Indigo Pre-Sale: 10% all online purchases, various items on sale, online only
  • ALDO Pre-Sale: 20% off of everything in-store at the Eaton's Centre location, Facebook event here.
  • Luck 7 Clothing Pre-Sale: All items priced between $10-$25, more details here

3. Black Friday Sales Specific To Montreal

Once Nov. 28th hits (and a bit before) Montreal retailers who are in the know of shopping trends will be holding their very own Black Friday sales. The list isn't quite as long as you'd expect, as Black Friday has only recently become a tradition in the nation, though you'll still finds Montreal-specific Black Friday sales like these. If you know of any others, we'll gladly add to the list, as we're sure many will pop-up as the day draws nearer:

  • Tres Chic Styling: scaling sales depending on number of items purchased (15%-50%), more details
  • Amnesia Clothing: Up to 75% certain items, details here
  • Beyond the Rack: 5-day sale with up to 80% off all brand-name items, more details on Facebook page here.

4. Canada-wide Sales You Should Know About

Since Black Friday is a new addition to the Canadian shopping world, only the biggest retailers have really got on board with the tradition. Montreal's list of sales may be a bit underwhelming, but anyone in the city can capitilize on these sales, which will occur online and in-store across the country. Huffington Post has a pretty solid list of Canadian Black Friday sales, though not all stores have given out specific details. Here's a sample of what to expect:

  • Future Shop: Every store will have special deals on all products, with a majority available online too
  • Ernest: Up to 70$ specific items, more info
  • Amazon Canada: New deals on products every day, already ongoing, more info
  • Sportchek: 20%-50% certain items, more info
  • GAP Canada: Up to 70% select items, more info
  • Hudson's Bay: Special 1-day sale on the 28th, more info
  • Walmart: Free shipping and select items on sale, more info
  • Forever 21: Ongoing Canada-wide sale, special 1-day sale on the 29th, more info
  • Mexx: Up to 50% off on all clothing, more info
  • Sears: Called "Sears Days" but basically the same thing, discounts on a variety of products, more info

5. Online Resources Are Your Black Friday Best Friend

With the date still more than a few days away, there is no doubt that retailers (specific to Montreal and Canada-wide) will be announcing Black Friday deals, to capitalize on sale-hungry shoppers. A few websites are seriously helpful, as they have compiled existing sales and will continue to do so. Shopping smart is key during a retail-frenzy like Black Friday, so use these sites to your advantage:

Montreal and the entire nation has a lot to offer all y'all hungry consumers, so resist the urge to head to Burlington or NYC for your Black Friday shopping. Not only will you have to deal with rabid American shoppers, the Canadian dollar isn't doing so hot, so you probably won't save too much anyway. Stay close to home this Black Friday, and happy shopping.

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