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5 Tips To Shop Safely Online During Black Friday And Cyber Monday In Canada

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us, and that can only mean one thing: It's time to take advantage of some amazing deals.  

As you know, you don't even need to leave your house to enjoy most of these deals because many of them are available online.

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But shopping online can be risky, especially on a day when scams are rampant. That's why we put together this quick and easy list you should check before shopping online this weekend.

Know How To Spot A Scam 

If you see a deal that's too good to be true, chances are it is. Many of these deals may seem too sweet to pass up, but that's because they're trying to lure you into creating an account and giving up your personal info.

You should also avoid any deal that isn't at least 30-40% off. Often companies will disguise only "slight discounts" as Major Black Friday sales.

For more tips on how to spot a scam click here.

Install A "Privacy-Focussed" Ad-Blocking Browser

Making sure a website connection is secure is probably the most important rule to remember when you're shopping online. When your connection is secure, the URL will begin with "HTTPS," while non-secure sites will only have "HTTP."

Here's where it gets tricky. Some sites offer a secure connection, but when you click to make your final purchase they can redirect you to a website that is not secure.

You can avoid this problem by installing a "Privacy-Focussed" Ad-Blocking Browser such as BRAVE. This will block websites from redirecting you to an unsecured version. Best of all, it can be installed on your phone and it's faster than Google Chrome.

Click here to install Brave on your computer or phone.

Use Credit Over Debit 

Try to avoid shopping with your debit card and use credit cards instead. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, if your card is stolen, thieves can only access your credit line rather than all of your funds. Secondly, credit card companies offer more protection when it comes to fraudulent charges.

Double Check Your Credit Card Bill

Even if you rarely use your credit cards, it can still copied. Make sure to double check your bills for the next few months for purchases you did not make. Do not necessarily look for big purchases because scammers will often make a small purchase under 20$ to see if you notice before charging a bigger sum to your card.

Make Sure The App You Are Using Is Real

One of the most popular Black Friday scams involve fake Black Friday apps. According to experts, up to 5.5% of Black Friday apps are just there to scam you. Stick to known brands and larger retailers to avoid this problem, and make sure to double check website addresses before making any purchases