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5 Types Of People You Will Encounter At A Montreal Canadiens Game

How many do you recognize?
5 Types Of People You Will Encounter At A Montreal Canadiens Game

There is NOTHING more “Montreal” than a Habs game. You’re not a true Montrealer unless you’ve been to the Bell Centre at least once. It’s a unique experience that you’re never going to forget, made even more interesting by some of the characters you come across. Here are 5 types of people you’re definitely going to see at a Habs game.

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The Hockey Bro

There is no way you’ll go to a game and not see these guys. Hockey bros have long hair that curls out from under their backwards Habs snapback and over onto the shoulers of their Subban jersey. They’re chuggin back brews and getting rowdy. If they’re a true hockey bro they’re missing at least one tooth and pepper their commentary with brocab that you’d never hear in a real conversation. Don't be put off by their tough demeanor though, these guys are down to chill with anyone who can talk hockey.

The Puck Bunny

This is the reason half the hockey bros show up to a Habs game in the first place. These girls might not know anything about hockey or even sports, but who cares? They wear Habs' jerseys cropped up and red, white, and blue paint on their cheeks. They cheer whenever anyone else does and know a few players’ names but you know you'd never call them out on it.

The Quebec Nordiques Die hard

The Canadian national anthem usually induces a sense of pride and patriotism in most Canadians whether you’re from PEI or the Yukon. The one guy booing during the anthem is the Quebec separatist before the puck drops. He’s wearing a Nordiques jersey and wouldn’t speak a lick of English even if you paid him. But you’ve never met a more dedicated Habs fan in your life so you better be rooting for the tricolore.

The Family Zone Employee

If you’ve never sat in the Family Zone then consider yourself lucky. The employees are decked out in bright yellow shirts and don’t shut up throughout the entire game. You just want to sit in your cheap seats and watch a Habs game and they’re yelling chants in your face, jumping up and down. The only thing you can do is just pretend they aren’t there and enjoy the game.

The guy who keeps getting up

This is probably the most annoying guy in the entire arena. Maybe he decided it wasn’t necessary to hit up the washroom before the game. Maybe he forgot to grab his beer on the way to his seats. It doesn’t matter. He's in your way while you're trying to watch the Habs clobber the Leafs. He could be the nicest guy in the world but you’re about to push him out of the way if he gets up one more time.

Have you seen these types before? Did we miss a type you see when you go to the Bell Centre? Let us know in the comments.

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