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5 Ways A Montrealer Can Save Money Simply By Using The STM

The STM isn't all bad.
5 Ways A Montrealer Can Save Money Simply By Using The STM

Photo cred - La Belle Province

We, along with everyone in Montreal, hate on the STM from time to time. More regularly when there's a random metro-shutdown or the bus never shows up, of course, but in all we don't have much to complain about.

Sometimes you just need to check your privilege at the door and remember what the STM does for you, and how much money it saves you everyday.

There are many more, for sure, but here's our list on the ways the STM saves Montrealers money each and every day of the week.

1. Gas Money

Not using your car is good for the environment AND your wallet. Taking the bus/metro may take you a little longer (except maybe during rush hour) a ride on the STM is a fixed rate while gas prices in and around Montreal continue to soar to record highs. Think about all the money/gas burned during your drive to work and back and how much you save (or could save) by letting the STM cover the rising cost of fuel.

2. Speedy Shortcuts

Time is money, and the STM saves you a lot of both on the regular. There is, of course, the obvious speed in taking the bus and metro, but you don't even need to buy a ticket to have the STM save your more than a few minutes. Montreal's underground network, largely connected by the metro stations, allow you to take underground passages (avoid the masses on the streets and street signs/lights) and get you to where you need to be much more quickly.

3. Student Savings

Any and all students in Montreal should realize, and fully appreciate, just how much the STM lets them save with their reduced student rate. Below $50, students (and the elderly) get unlimited STM rides at half the price of any student in Toronto, who pay $98 a month. Fairs in Toronto are also $3, so appreciate just how big a discount the STM is giving students.

4. Cab Fare

After a night out drinking at whatever bar you frequent, you probably don't have wads of cash to pay a cab to take you home. Thank God for the night bus. It will take a lot longer, and you may have to wait around a bit, but at least it won't cost you a bunch of cheddar. There's always some interesting characters on a weekend night too, which can be fun or horrifying depending, but at least you'll get a story out of it.

5. Filter Paper

Stoners and smokers who roll their own cigs know what I'm talking about. Single-ride STM tickets are the ideal filter paper. Stiff, yet pliable, the small white tickets are easily rolled into any joint/cig are the ideal filter paper, and save you the stress of fumbling around for any inferior cardstock or whatever is laying around your house. Not a lot of money saved, but still an awesome way the STM helps out on the regz. If you ever see someone with a bunch of used STM tickets in their wallet, now you know why.

How does the STM save you money?

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