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5 Ways Life Will Change Now That Uber Is Leaving Quebec

This is not going to be fun.
5 Ways Life Will Change Now That Uber Is Leaving Quebec

The news was made official only a few hours ago. 

Uber will be ceasing all operations in Quebec on October 14th.

But what kind of impact will this have on the province and on you? 

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Uber Drivers

First and foremost the ones most affected are the Uber drivers themselves. Many drivers work for Uber as a side-hustle but some do it full-time. And come mid-October, all those people are going to have to start exploring new employment options.

Taxi Drivers

Taxis no longer have any competition, and it's not like they were trying very hard to impress their clientele in the first place. So now that Uber is gone, they really won't need to bother making an effort since they are your only option.


You'll have to get used to taking taxis again. No more convenient apps (Taxis do have apps, but they suck.) and no more automatic payments. So now when you arrive at your destination, you can't just hop out of the car anymore. You have to sit there, tell the driver you're paying by card, watch him get disappointed, wait for him to turn on the machine, AND THEN you can leave. How fun.

The Nightlife

The nightlife in general will be affected by Uber's departure. Some people forget just how annoying it is to find a taxi at 3:00 am when you're competing with hundreds of drunken people. This is sure to make Halloween more interesting. Plus, Many of my co-workers (and not just the women) say they feel much safer in Uber cars. It has nothing to do with the drivers themselves, it's simply because they have all info about their driver right there on their phone. You can't deny it, the Uber app provides a little extra peace of mind, especially if it's late at night and you're alone.

Your Wallet

Taxis in Quebec are required to accept debit and credit cards, but that doesn't necessarily they make it convenient. I still ride taxis on a regular basis simply because I often find myself near cab stands. And 9 out of 10 times when I ask to pay with my debit card, the driver asks : "You don't have cash?" They even keep the machine out of sight and they often turn it off altogether. The only way to truly avoid this crap is to carry cash.

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