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5 Ways To Improve Your Montreal University Experience

Evo Square Victoria is the new student housing craze.
5 Ways To Improve Your Montreal University Experience

Whether your an international student or not, living on your own is something that every University student should try. While many first year students choose to live in university dorms and later move into apartments, evo Square Victoria provides students with the experience of a life time. evo Square Victoria is a residency that brings together students from different universities to live in high- rise communities and experience an elevated student life.

Here's how evo Square Victoria will change your living experience: 

1- They Like To Party

On Wednesday, March 19th, evo Square Victoria will be holding its very first party geared to teach the public everything they need to know about their student residencies. The celebration will take place at their head quarters on rue University with tons of food and drinks!

2- Save Your Cash

These rooms come fully furnished with desks, chairs, beds and couches. All you'll have to worry about is your personal decorative flare. No university student should have to break the bank to furnish their apartments fully. Internet, cable, and electricity are also included!

3- One Stop Shop

At evo Square Victoria, students are exposed to an all- in- one package. No more walking to the gym during a snow storm or trekking up the hill to study at the library. At evo Square Victoria's student residency, everything comes as one. Restaurants, public transportation, study rooms and fitness classes are offered just outside your doorstep.

4- Cool People Make Cool Friends

This residency has a true community feel. Not only will you be surrounded by other students just like you, you'll have the opportunity to meet and live side by side with those from different universities and programs. You'll also meet tons of international students from all around the globe who will grow to become your new family.


Evo Square Victoria places a big emphasis on community engagement. Living at one of these residencies doesn't just mean sleeping in a room, it also provides the opportunity to participate in a student life program. SCORES helps students build friendships through dozens of outreach programs, sustainability initiatives and social gatherings.

LEARN MORE about evo Square Victoria and ATTEND their event this Wednesday!

How will you spend your university life?