Tinder has been running for a little while and let's face it, it's become a traditional means of communication.  The #1 dating tool for most of North America is now all over our day-to-day lives.

I have a lot of friends often ask me how the hell I manage to get so much action on Tinder. Being an extremely (hihihi) active user of the dating app, let's see if I can help you improve your own Tinder game in Montreal.


Our city is currently booming in arts and culture. Montreal has hundreds of talented photographers! Use the ressources you have around you and upgrade your pics. Social media is all about the image you provide to other users and Tinder is all about the first impression. See if you can up your photo game by contacting a photographer you know personally or even by hiring one if your budget allows.

Keeping it short & sweet

Your description should not only outline who you are, but also who you aim to be, and what you aim to accomplish. A short & sweet description gets your potential Tinder match to focus on the most important parts of your image. If you are unsure what to write in your description, don't write anything. Sometimes it's better to keep it low key until you know exactly what to say to the right person. Don't ever force it. I guess that can also be a life lesson in general.

Being Active

Keeping your profile identity active is an essential part of social media in 2015. Social media algorithms work towards helping users that are most active become most popular. If you swipe every day, you obviously have a much better chance at getting where you want to be on Tinder than someone just waiting for the likes to come. Let me tell you one thing, sexual intercourse and relationships don't fall off trees.


Moments is your only way to put your face (again) in front of already-acquired matches on Tinder. Sending out a few moments per week should be a regular thing for you if you are indeed looking to pull something out of the dating app. Please do not spam your matches, though, as that will heavily work against you instead of FOR you.


Last thing but definitely not the least, settings. If you keep your range from 1 KM to 160 KM (the max) then there are definitely less chances you end up meeting a person you're actually interested in. Starting off the right foot on Tinder is important, would you date someone a 3-hour drive away if you met them in a bar? No? Cool. It's pretty much the same deal on Tinder.