5 Ways UQAM Students Are Getting Seriously Screwed Over In 2015

Photo cred - Abdallahh

Budget cuts are never a good thing for any institution, especially schools. The entire school staff gets royally miff'd, but at the end of the day, the students get the worst end of the stick. Unfortunately, that's the case for UQAM students this year, as the university needs to make some serious cuts to its budget, reports CBC.

After figuring out the finances for the 2015-2016 academic year, UQAM's administration found a glaring whole in its budget. A multi-million dollar hole that they didn't know how to fill, so the head honchos of UQAM are making some not-so-beneficial changes. If you're a UQAM student, here's how you'll be affected:

1. Less Money For Everything

In total, the L'Université du Québec à Montréal needs to save around $20 million dollars this academic year, which isn't a number to just scoff at and ignore. While the university is taking direct measures to fill this financial void (next point) do expect UQAM to have far less resources and spending money on programs, facilities, and student groups this year.

2. Pissed Off Professors

Perhaps the only UQAM group to be more justifiably pissed than students are the teaching staff, as the UQAM admins plan to enforce a a 2% cut on the salary of professors, lecturers, and pretty much everyone else employed by the university. UQAM workers are far from happy from the announcement already, so expect your professors (and the entire university staff) to be less than enthusiastic throughout the year. Good thing pay cuts directly correspond to more positive teaching methods, right?

3. Not Nearly As Many Courses

The idea of having less courses to take may seem fine on the surface, but really, it's a pretty shitty situation, because you won't have less classes to take, just less to choose from. UQAM is planning to remove about 150 courses from the university's current roster of classes, which we hope, for the sake of all UQAM students, they only target the hardest of classes. #NotBloodyLikely.

4. No Help From The Big Dogs

If anyone is "to blame" for the massive budget cuts at UQAM, it's the provincial government, as the university is really only responding to a decline in funding from the Quebec government. The Minister of Education has even officially stated he won't even try to help out UQAM, essentially saying it's the university's problem to deal with.

5. A Not-So-Conducive-To-Learning Environment

So what happens when students get angry because they're getting screwed over, professors get pissed because they're not being paid, school support staff are mad for the same reason, and the government distances themselves from the problem entirely? You get a pretty tense atmosphere, that's what. Morale may be pretty low this year at UQAM, and when everyone at the school is feeling a bit defeated, learning is no longer all that "fun."

UQAM's proposed wage and budget cuts have yet to be formally enforced, as the university is still open to finding alternative solutions. They just need to find one by May 1st. Let's hope money starts falling from the sky sometime before then.