5 Youtube Channels That Will Motivate You To Workout At Home

Free gym is the best gym!
5 Youtube Channels That Will Motivate You To Workout At Home

Keeping up with your workout schedule is not always the easiest (or the cheapest) task, which is why so many choose to do it in the comfort of their own homes. But where to start, and how to be efficient when you don't have any equipment, a coach or even experience can be a bit tough to figure out. Fortunately the internet has quite a few good trainers of its own!

The biggest benefit of being able to work out with a YouTube channel is that you get to enjoy a good lesson for free. Even if the person cannot be with you physically to correct your posture or help you on a personal level, they'll usually feature "how to" types of bonus videos or explain as best as possible how to do your exercises responsibly. These channels have done the trick for a lot of people and have ended up gathering big communities of followers, thus becoming full-time businesses.

1. Fitness Blender

Daniel and Kelli are the proud creators of Fitness Blender. This YouTube couple started making videos in 2008, starting with basic positions and short video explanations. Now with more than 2,000,000 subscribers, they demonstrate full routines of high intensity training, cardio, kickboxing and stretches. You can make up the workout of your choice with any one of their 40 or 60 minutes videos showing a full-on routine from beginning to end.

Subscribers: 2 000 000+

Disciplines: High Intensity training, kickboxing, cardio, weight training

Level: Beginners to expert

2. Blogilates

Cassey Ho has been a certified Pilates Instructor for many years. She started filming her fitness videos in the studio she was working at for her own clients. She quickly gained a huge following and developed her business as Blogilates. Her vividly coloured videos feature pilates, high intensity training, cardio, kickboxing and even dancing! Her channel also features healthy food recipes. If you don’t know where to start, a free beginner’s calendar is available on her website, as well as monthly programs.

Subscribers: 2 000 000+

Disciplines: Pilates, body weight, kickboxing, dancing

Level: Beginner to expert

3. Six Pack Shortcut

Mike Chang has been passionate about video workouts since he was a kid, recording aerobic lessons in the 80's. He has now made it his mission to help people become the best version of themselves that they can ever be. His motto? Get a ripped body. Now. His goal is to make you burn fat and get an athletic body in the shortest amount of time possible. But be warned, Six Pack Shortcut is not be for the weak.

Subscribers: 3 000 000+

Disciplines: Body weight, weight training

Level: Intermediate to expert

4. XHIT Daily

The XHIT channel is brought to you by a team of three trainers, delivering daily videos ranging from five to twenty minutes long. This channel, opened in 2013, features small "how to" videos to help you with your positions and routines, as well as small exercises of bodyweight and cardio. Though the videos might seem a bit short, the exercises are still intense, and doing two or three videos everyday can become part of your everyday fitness routine!

Subscribers: 1 500 000+ subscribers

Disciplines: Bodyweight, cardio

Level: Beginner to advanced

5. BeFit

BeFit proposes a myriad of high quality video workouts, from a bunch of different trainers in a variety of formats. It features many different disciplines from yoga to bodyweight to cardio to pilates. They also feature many different dance playlists, with styles such as Ballet, Raggaeton, Hip-hop and Latin! The team behind the channel is made up of many different trainers, all specialized in different fields. Some of them are familiar faces like Denise Austin, or Biggest Loser’s star Jillian Michaels. No need to get a specific calendar, just follow the videos on any one of the many playlists and you'll become a fitness-at-home master in no time.

Subscribers: 1 000 000+ subscribers

Disciplines: Pilates, cardio, high intensity training, dancing, yoga

Level: Beginner to expert

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