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50 Canada Geese Found Mysteriously Dead Outside Montreal (Video)

The find is concerning to experts.
50 Canada Geese Found Mysteriously Dead Outside Montreal (Video)

Canada has some pretty spectacular wildlife. The animals that roam the vast country are truly a national treasure.

We're fortunate that so many resources are dedicated to the preservation of animals big and small across Canada.

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Yet still, the country is not exempt from startling and unexplainable large-scale animal deaths

Shocking, mass-fatalities of wildlife are always of concern to environmentalists, preservationists, and citizens, alike.

This past week, for example, the discover of fifty dead Canada geese floating in the Saint Lawrence River sent officials into a panic.

Both provincial and federal wildlife authorities were notified, while veternarians from the Université of Montréal were dispatched to the scene.

Right now, experts' best guess to explain the death of the geese is rather bizarre: the lack of visible wounds indicate the birds may have been the victims of a lightening strike.

The electric shock would have dispersed across the condusive surface of the water and killed the geese instantly.

The event is rare but not unheard of. It's just another example of the dangers of extreme weather, which is becoming increasingly common in the Montreal area. Just this morning, meterologists warned of possible tornadoes in the vicinity of the island.

You can see the video of the discovery below. But warning: it is not for the faint of heart.


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