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50 Dawson College Problems Only Montreal Students Will Understand

50 Dawson College Problems Only Montreal Students Will Understand

Anyone who went or still goes to Dawson College knows that it is truly one of a kind. There may be some struggles we all face as students, and all those negatives do sometimes trump over the positives. Plus, it's pretty damn funny to laugh at all the Dawson problems we experience on the daily. From the broken escalator to the My Dawson College Instagrams, one can really say that we have a lot to laugh about as our R-scores go to shit! So, I have compiled this article to share with you all the #dawsonproblems!

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On twitter, you can actually search the hashtag #dawsonproblems and laugh at how true all these problems are and how relatable these tweets can be! So, here are 50 problems that all Dawson  share according to #dawsonproblems!

When I get a text to come to the caf to see my girl getting jumped by 4 girls. No fucking chill. #DawsonProblems

— Emy (@emplaa) December 2, 2015

Bruh I just dropped 2$ on the floor this bish swoops in and picks it up, shoves it in her pocket I swear #DawsonProblems

— Kait (@kaitlin1498) October 12, 2016

I swear I feel like im sitting in a furnace in this class #DawsonProblems

— OVO.Magic.[|] (@ovomajidjordan) October 18, 2016

Randomly during class a bug that I've never seen before was crawling on my desk #Nothankyou #ew #dawsonproblems

— Tasha (@Oh_Honey_Lovers) November 16, 2016

When you have 2 classes in a row, but one of them is in the pepsi forum? #dawsonproblems

— Jasmine (@OhJazmine) August 29, 2016

I lost 5 pounds just by not going to school... #dawsonproblems

— rakavi rameshan (@rakavi_97) June 3, 2016

if college is the best years of my life I am actually so screwed lawl

— marcy (@marselaianni) November 15, 2016

When you're late to class because there's too much traffic on the escalator #dawsonproblems

— Megan Goldwax (@mgoldwax98) January 27, 2016


— K (@kristinzavaglia) January 11, 2016

When you do 6 previous exams to study but the exam you do was beyond hard #goodjob #dawsonproblems

— g (@g_fortino) December 19, 2015


— Regina Sofia (@sanchezz_ox) September 4, 2015

Dawson teachers are never at their office during their office hours. #DawsonProblems

— Morri Rahman (@morrixxi_) September 3, 2015


— maria izzo (@mariaizzoxo) August 26, 2015

Third semester is a load of crap and my grades have gone to shit so ya I'm doing alright

— em drakes (@emdraicchio) November 15, 2016

There's a huge difference between caf and the Jew caf #dawsonproblems

— McCiroc (@McMansooriN) May 6, 2015

When you can't get to your locker because there's a giant teepee in the middle of the atrium #dawsonproblems

— sam (@sbshapiro) April 13, 2015

My pumpkin scared the kids

— Celia (@celiaesposito) October 31, 2016

Spinning class in the middle of the atrium #dawsonproblems

— Laura Bucaro (@LauraBucaro) April 1, 2015


— McCiroc (@McMansooriN) April 1, 2015

Why the fuck does this school smell like shit #dawsonproblems #tooearly

— Noem (@NoemiAmbro) February 24, 2015



— Nicholas Di Giovanni (@LWOSNick) February 17, 2015

When two girls fight over getting free bread at Atwater ????

— em drakes (@emdraicchio) October 27, 2016

When the wifi at school is bipolar #dawsonproblems

— Kristina (@krisxmala) December 2, 2014

It takes 20 min to heat up my lunch in school #idemandmoremicrowaves #dawsonproblems ?

— Charlotte Jane Perez (@CharlotteJaneP) November 10, 2014

the fact that i have been doing labs for almost 6 hours and still didnt finish them #thanksdawson

— magi the rabbi (@MaggieRuland_) October 22, 2015

When Abbott gets a snow day and Dawson doesn't......... #ihatedawson #dawsoncollegeproblems #hatethis

— anita♡ (@anitajandaly) March 19, 2013

When your printing balance runs out when you're in a serious time crunch to meet a deadline #dawsoncollegeproblems

— mike (@mikeandvikes) January 15, 2013

What's up with ppl getting changed for gym in the bathroom we have a changing room here ppl #dawsoncollege #dawsoncollegeproblems

— Hannah Demers (@MoopaTapir) March 21, 2012

Karaoke in Conrods... Tone deaf people singing... #DawsonCollegeProblems

— Mel Fournier (@MelFournier30) October 30, 2012

why must you stop the freaking escalator?! #dawsoncollegeproblems

— ethel mae (@eiffelmaybutt) October 16, 2012

bookstore line.... #dawsonproblems

— Dawson Problems (@DawsonProblems) August 27, 2012

Today my econ teacher made me stay after class to teach him how to use twitter #MyDawsonCollege

— Elly V (@elyssavanlian) March 2, 2016

Seeing your Fall 2016 schedule and you're forced to take an 8:30 class Mondays & Wednesdays, and the class is in the forum? #dawsonproblems

— Amanda (@wild_one1998) June 11, 2016

Searching through my class list and searching people on facebook hoping they're will be a cute boy #dawson #dawsonproblems

— TRAFFIC (@keera_rocks) January 20, 2016

this is mad jokes ahahahah #dawsonproblems

— rebeu (@aminorangesk) December 3, 2015

walking through Atwater metro to get to Dawson #dawsonproblems

— Jess (@JeAudino) November 9, 2014

Just a couple of students wanting to get on the metro #DawsonProblems

— Hulia (@juporfilz) August 29, 2013

Worst text to get on my way to school #ididntmissthis #dawsonproblems @twatcatastrophe

— Autumn Ω (@autumnstephenn) March 18, 2013

condom-O-grams. really dawson? #dawsonproblems

— Jess (@JeAudino) February 12, 2013

i can't stop laughing!!! #dawsonproblems

— ☾ (@IRL_VS_URL) February 11, 2012

You know, just another day at Dawson College, on the Internet. #DawsonProblems

— Jonathan Catalano (@joncatalano) April 4, 2012


— Breeze (@AmandaBreeeze) November 28, 2011

This guys asleep at his locker and the girls further down are crying #dawsonproblems

— Baby G (@lilianaag) February 21, 2013

Lmfao to the guy jumping around and singing "it's the last day of class" #dawsonproblems

— v (@vkouros) December 10, 2012

This fkn calculus teacher doesn't get any worse... #Dawsonproblems #badteachers #FML

— Yussef Arzani (@YussefArzani74) March 23, 2013

There are bake sales literally everyday at Dawson #DawsonProblems

— Maria Teresa Manzo (@MariaT_Manzo) November 6, 2012

"Can we (or kant we, LOL) lie to the murderer, according to Kant?" - the homework question from my philosophy teacher.. DEAD.

— em drakes (@emdraicchio) November 16, 2016

i love studying all night for a cancelled test #ihatedawson

— Adina Zairi (@azairi) September 20, 2012

This 8 am class is going to make me yak #onanotherlevel #ihatedawson

— Kimmy Borden (@KimBorden) April 8, 2013

When Abbott gets a snow day and Dawson doesn't......... #ihatedawson #dawsoncollegeproblems #hatethis

— anita♡ (@anitajandaly) March 19, 2013

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