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50 Food Trucks Taking Over Montreal's Olympic Stadium Next Month

A food lover's dream come true.
50 Food Trucks Taking Over Montreal's Olympic Stadium Next Month

Well, friends, it's that time of year again. Spring has sprung, and with it comes tons of super fun Montreal events - like First Fridays, for example.

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The very first First Friday is set to go down this year on May 5, at the Olympic Stradium's Esplanade Financière Sun Life (4141 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave). 

It's set to be a whole lot of fun, too, and if you want a little sneak peak at the awesome food trucks meant to make an appearance - well, no worries. I got your back.

Mr. Puffs

Phoenix 1

Le Smoking BBQ

La Queue Du Diable

O Soeurs Volantes

L'Assomoir Mobile

La Panthere Mobile


Europea Mobile

Crepes Mobiles Kebreiz

P.A. & Gargantua

Grumman '78

Mi Corazon

Le Bacon Truck

Das Truck

Le Super Truck


Le Coureur De Bois

via @francesca_xoxo

Camion Pied Du Cochon

Le Cheese Truck

La Cabane A Crepes

Lola's Petits Gateaux

Queen B 



Mr. Cremeux

Cuisine Polonaise Authentique

Pas D'Cochon Dans Mon Salon

Landry & Filles


La Caravan De Seb

via @avantgardemtl

Le Point Sans G

Duck Truck MTL

Air De Boeuf

Boit A Fromages


La Boite A Grillades

Lab - Comptoir Roulant 

Bagel St-Viateur

Sandwicherie Zoe's

Bleu Homard

La Wagonnette

via @sfoanna

CRemy Mobile

Route 27

Jerry Mobile

Dim Sum MTL

Le Quai Roulant 

King Bao

Atma Cuisine 

via @adamaevah

Sounds like the most fun ever? Then check out Cuisine De Rue's official website right here.

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