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50 Little Things That Make Montreal So Awesome

Fact: it's the most unique city in the world.
50 Little Things That Make Montreal So Awesome

There's is no doubt that Montreal is the best city. When I'm traveling, I always compare Montreal with the place I'm in and Montreal always has the most things that I love about. Even the people I meet while I'm traveling tell me how cool Montreal is.

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So let me tell you something true. We're really lucky to live in such an awesome city and here's why:

1. Because it is fully bilingual

2. Because it has many festivals

3. Because it has a really cool Amusement park

LaRonde is actually the second biggest one in Canada

4. Because it has a gigantic mountain in the center

5. Because we have the Azur trains

6. Because the street art is mindblowing

7. Because it embraces its vast divertisity

8. Because the nightlife on St-Laurant's street is lit

9. Because you can eat delicious food from all over the world

10. Because it has the best poutines restaurants ever

La Banquise

11. Because it is one of the safest city in the world

12. Because of the freshly made bagels

13. Because the Old Port is simply beautiful

It's like going to Europe

14. Because the architecture of each building is stunning

15. Because it has some really good universities

16. Because of the funky stairs

17. Because there is an extremely large orange on boulevard Décarie

18. Because we have the World’s tallest inclined tower... The Olympic Stadium

19. Because we can drink anywhere

20. Because the Musées des Beaux-Arts de Montreal has nice exhibitions

21.Because it is the home of the Habs aka the best hockey team in history

22. Because it's trying to go green with its Teo taxi

23. Because it is bike friendly

24. Because of the Tam-tams on the Mount-Royal every Sunday

25. Because we can buy alcohol at every corner

26. Because it has such a big history 

27. Because there is a charming garden at Saint Joseph's Oratory 

28. Because everyone is courteous and friendly

29. Because students from all over the world want to come live here

30. Because we have tiny beaches in the summer for all kind of activities

31. Because there are many cozy study places such as coffee shops, libraries, parks...

32. Because we have an affordable public transit

33. Because it is the town with the most Stanley Cup wins 

34. Because John Lennon wrote the famous song Give Peace a Chance here

35. Because it is also the home of the Cirque du Soleil

36. Because Space For Life is the country's largest natural sciences museum

37. Because in winter you can do cross-country ski everywhere

38. Because it has astonishing sceneries near the St-Laurent river

39. Because the rent is affordable

40. Because it hosts the most prestigious and largest fireworks competition in the world

L'International des Feux Loto-Québec

41. Because you can find many talented tattoo artists

42. Because it offers many activities even when it's freezing in winter

43. Because we have street covered with pinks balls

44. Because there are coffee places that are pet friendly

45. Because our local artists make good music to make your day better

46. Because it has a really cool underground city

47. Because you can walk through the whole city

48. Because it has a lot of romantic places 

49. Because Montrealers have a healthy lifestyle

50. Because it’s an island

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