50% Of Montrealers Claim The City Is Not How It Used To Be

Montrealers question the city's quality over the past few years.
50% Of Montrealers Claim The City Is Not How It Used To Be

While many embrace the cultural spheres of Montreal, its art, food and night life scene, some claim that the city's "shine" has decreased drastically over the past five years.

Last month, Montreal residents were asked various questions about the quality of the city they live in. Half of those surveyed were anglophones, one quarter were francophones and the other quarter were allophones.

Residents were asked whether they agreed with the statement "Montreal is not as good as it was five years ago". The study found that 51% of all those interviewed concurred.

On the contrary, 77% of the total sample agreed that "Montreal is a city to be proud of".  And likewise, 65% of the survey participants agreed with the statement "Montreal is a leading city in North America.

When it comes to politics, you've probably already predicted most of the sample's answers. 70% of those interviewed agreed that "there is a lot of corruption among my local politicians," an inevitable response if you ask us.

In terms of the city's infrastructure, 6 in 10 of those surveyed regarded it as "unacceptable".

Do you think Montreal is losing its spark?


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