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50 Reasons To Move To Montreal

The most beautiful city in the world.

Photo cred - David Giral

Montreal is a beautiful city filled with beautiful people and beautiful things. If you're the type that loves a big city with affordable living, then living in Montreal might very well be your best bet. This city that's filled with culture, night life, art and so much more is home to 1.621 million people and for good reason!

1. Because Denis Coderre

Lest it be known that Montreal is home to one of the most bad ass Mayors in this country. Like Toronto's mayor Rob Ford, ours likes to kick it, but with boundaries. Last, week Coderre pitched the idea of having Montreal bars stay open until 6am, not so he can get plastered until the sun rises, but so that businesses can boom and the city's nightlife can flourish. As the mayor of Montreal, Coderre has done so much good!

2. Because The STM

Sure the buses sometimes arrive late and the metro breaks down every so often, but Montreal's got one of the most advanced public transit systems in all of Canada. Not only do buses and metros reach nearly every edge of this city, Montreal's transit fees are also some of the cheapest in this country. If you're concerned about the $80/ month opus pass, think about Toronto's $134 rate.

3. Because Poutine

Sure you can get poutine almost anywhere in Canada these days, and no its probably not real. Poutine is a Montreal native dish, and nobody knows it like we do- take it from us. Montrealers live and breath for poutine, and you can pick one up on almost every street corner of this city. Did we mention that MTL even devotes an entire week to celebrate this godly creating of fries, cheese curds and gravy?

4. Because Cheap Rent

When comparing Montreal to other metropolitan cities in Canada, its rent prices are among the lowest. Thinking about getting an apartment in Toronto or Vancouver? You might want to start with copping one in Montreal first.

5. Because Music

This city builds its pride off of its culture. More specifically, this city's music scene is endless. From concerts to festivals, Montreal holds an immense appreciation for good music of all genres. This city is home to some of the most fully stacked vinyl record shops as well.

6. Because Romance

Montreal is comparable to France. Sure the French might not sound as sexy as it does in Europe, but this city is oozing with love and romance. With its ever evolving night life and culture, taking someone on a date in Montreal is never a problem. Even in the cold winter, a Montrealer can find the perfect date idea.

7. Because Fitness

If there's something Montrealers can do right, its staying fit. A Montreal resident acknowledges that while eating poutine, drinking beer and partying until the we hours of the night, health and fitness is a great priority. When the weather's up to par, you'll see Montrealer's jogging on the streets and climbing the mountain. When its cold, those who are committed can always count on one of Montreal's hundreds of gyms.

8. Because Police

Yeah the police can sometimes give you a hard time, but hey, if they did- you were most probably asking for it. Among other Canadian cities, Montreal's police force is so cool that they were granted their very own television series on Bravo, titled 19-2.

9. Because Hockey

There's no better feeling than living in a city that takes pride in its hockey team, and for a reason. If you're a Montrealer than you already know how many Stanley Cups this city's team has won. And if you're not from here, you should just know that its more than any other Canadian hockey team.

10. Because Sandwiches

Philly's got their cheese steak and Edmonton's got its BLT (bison/ lichon/ turnip) sandwich, but Montreal has successfully mastered all types. Like its culture, this city's sandwich options and tremendously diversified. From Boustan's to Joe's Panini, finding a good sandwich for a good price isn't hard in Montreal.

11. Because The Mountain

Ever seen a city with a mountain placed in the very middle of all the action, and that can be seen from almost anywhere on the island? Yeah, we didn't think so. The mountain doesn't only make for incredible scenery, it also hosts some of the city's best activities. Whether you'd rather snow shoe during the winter or listen to the tam tams over some good company in the sun, the mountain is definitely one of this city's most treasured landmarks.

12. Because Igloofest

Canada's a cold country. If the winter's dull setting brings you down and keeps you indoors for days, Montreal's a city that will turn that around. This city embraces the winter. Montreal's month long festival, Igloofest celebrates partying, music and winter all in one, three things this city knows best.

13. Because Bagels

You don't know a bagel until you've tried a Montreal bagel. If morning bagels are your usual, we highly suggest you bring that ritual to Montreal- because you've been doing it all wrong up until now. In this city, only wood- fired ovens are permitted when it comes to baking bagels. This city is home to dozens of mouth watering bagel shops that fill the streets with a delicious and fresh scent.

14. Because Students

If you're a student, Montreal's the city you want to be in. Even if you're not, young people are always a good time. Students bring life and energy to the city. According to QS Top Universities, Montreal is ranked as the 9th best city to live in for students and the first among all other Canadian cities.

15. Because Homemade Talent

Montrealers love transforming their homes into creative projects, and later spreading the inspiration. Making the news this winter, several of them have taken on backyard projects that showcase this city's talent and imagination. One Montrealer built his very own backyard hockey rink, fully stacked and with a zamboni. Likewise, over the course of the past 3 months, one Montreal family recently succeeded in building a backyard ice castle.

16. Because Single Women

If you're folks are sick of having you live in their basement, you can surprise them with an eligible Montreal woman. Single women and romantic settings make for a very impressive equation when it comes to pleasing the parents, and yourself.

17. Because Food All Night Long

When you're out until last call, you'll never have to worry about cabbing home with a rumbling stomach in Montreal. This city is packed with restaurants that are eager to seat you and your gang of debauchery. Montreal is home is dozens of 24 hour restaurants, and most are conveniently located close by to this city' hot spots.

18. Because Architecture

Never mind the gorgeous statues and people in this city, take a walk in the old port and prepare to have your mind blown by this city's architectural beauty. The street's traditional cobble stone roads will make you feel like you've traveled back in time, a valuable asset which only resides in Montreal.

19. Because Bud

Okay fine, maybe we're not as special as those BC biddies, but this city sure knows it's bud. Not only is this city home to some grade- A green, it's also extremely easily accessible. Even for those newcomers who have yet to make some solid friends, you can head to the mountain on a summer day and have yourself a lovely afternoon, fat J by your side. As well, Montreal's also known for its wide variety of options and pairing those with specific munchies. We Montrealers know what we like.

20. Because Acrobats

This May, Montreal plans to host its very first acrobatic park, right beside the Olympic Stadium. With 38,000 square feet, this park will offer activities like zip lining to the public. Bored? In Montreal you'll be able to watch acrobats do their thing all day long at the park.

21. Because Sushi

If you're wondering how you'll ever get close enough to some real Japanese sushi, Montreal might very well be your best option. Living in a multicultural city means eating multicultural foods, and plenty of it. This city is home to some of the best Asian fusion and all you can eat sushi restaurants in the country.

22. Because St. Patrick's Day

If you're a festive person, then Montreal will host you just right. This city knows how to throw a party, especially when it's on the streets and in celebration of Saint Patrick. Montreal holds one of the biggest and best St. Patrick's day parade where residents come out and party as a whole.

23. Because The Skyline

If you're a fan of tall buildings and city lights, the bliss in driving towards downtown Montreal is a valid reason on its own when contemplating a move to this city. This city has one of the most beautiful skylines in Montreal. This year, a whole 14 new projects are being built in order to add to this city's existing skyline that will forever change.

24. Because Creative Personalities

Whether your looking to share your creativity with others or find some homegrown talent, Montreal is certainly the place. A city that's filled with art and culture is backed by innovative people. From photography to ingenious art, this city is oozing with imagination and beauty created by its residents.

25. Because Hangover Cures

If there's one thing Montreal does best, its curing a hangover. We've already told you all about the immense amount of bud and chillage that goes down at the mountain on Sundays during the summer. If you're eager to bump into the person you smooched prior to your hangover, whilst treating it, this city is home to an abundance of breakfast and brunch spots that are always bumping on a Sunday morning.

26. Because Single Men

If you've been getting tons of wedding invitations in the mail, calls about your friends' newly expected babies or pressure to update your online dating profile, it might be time to move to Montreal. This city's fun loving profusion of eligible bachelors is bound to kick the single blues.

27. Because Vegetarians & Gluten- Free

Montreal knows how to host a vegetarian and a celiac. If your concerned about your dietary restrictions and needs, rest assured that this city's got your covered. Montreal's is home to tons of gluten- free and vegetarian specialty restaurants that'll please all of your endless restricted cravings!

28. Because Last Call

Clubs and bars in Montreal are open until 3am and alcohol is served just until then. Quebec and Newfoundland are among the only 2 provinces in Canada that have the latest last call hour. In Ontario, Alberta and BC, your last drink is served at 2am and no later. If you're a late night party animal, you'll most probably be happiest in Montreal!

29. Because The LGBT Scene

Not only does Montreal have an entire neighborhood devoted to gay culture, the city is fully alive with queer events for any and every sexual identity. Bars like Royal Phoenix and events like Pompe Thursdays have taken queer culture outside of the Village, and you can always find the queer community out in full force during Pride and Diver/Cite.

30. Because of LAN ETS

This year, the city hosted the biggest LAN party in North America, a convention and night long event catered to gaming addicts. LAN ETS gives gamers a chance to try out the latest swag and tech on the market, game for ages (sleep is optional, and is even provided in an auditorium where gamers are invited to bring their own sleeping bags) and celebrate the gaming culture in this city.

31. Because Food Trucks

Montreal isn't the only city that offers food trucks all summer longs. However, this city's food trucks contain some of the best options in Canada. Picking up a bite at one of these in the city doesn't just mean chewing into some street meat. From specialized cheese trucks, to solely sweet waffles, Montreal food trucks are the real deal.

32. Because Osheaga

Montreal's Osheaga is the perfect summer festival for anyone. Osheaga is one of the only festivals in Canada that caters to almost ever music genre lover. From hip-hop to electro to indie pop, this 3 day festival hosts nearly 60 acts that will please anyone's music interests.

33. Because William Shatner

Straight from the borders of Cote St. Luc, Montreal's William Shatner is an award winning actor that deserves all the respect and glory in the world. Telling a someone you're from the same city as a world famous star is just as good being world famous yourself... almost.

34. Because Smoked Meat

You already know Montreal is home to the best poutine and bagels in the world. This city also has some of the best and most famous smoked meat joints in Canada. From Schwartz's to The Main and Reubens, finding a good smoked meat sandwich isn't so hard when you're living in Montreal.

35. Because Beards

If there's something a man wears best, that's a beard. Having a beard is one of the sexiest attributes a man can sport- at least that's what we think here in Montreal. If you're like us and agree that beards are a shield against snow and UV rays, increase a man's likelihood of marriage, act as a right of passage and therefor want to surround yourself with the sight of beards, this city is the best place for it. Montreal men love their beards.

36. Because Graffiti

In some cities, graffiti is considered as a violation and a form of vandalism. But when the graffiti artists does it right, here in Montreal we acknowledge and praise street art. Walking the streets of Montreal is never boring, public displays of art are seen everywhere and the city is filled with color. Montreal is so in love with street art that last summer the city hosted its very first Mural Festival, where artists were invited to paint the streets of St. Laurent with murals of graffiti.

37. Because Dessert

Montreal's got quite the sweet tooth, and if you like your chocolate and candy then this city will treat you nicely. From specialty dessert restaurants to independent bakeries you won't be disappointed. Rumor has it, Sesame Street's Cookie Monster once lived in Montreal which explains all the incredible cookie shops in this city.

38. Because Underground Montreal

Unlike any other place in Canada, Montreal is considered as a 2 in 1 city. While the streets are booming with people, stores and clubs, there's a whole other world of action taking place beneath the sidewalk. Attached through underground tunnels and metros, Montreal hosts dozens of underground malls and restaurants that are perfect for avoiding cold winter days.

39. Because Jazz Fest

Every summer, Montreal invites phenomenal jazz musicians to show off their talent to the rest of the city. People come together to dance and sing to their favorite tunes. Jazz Fest is truly unlike any other festival.

40. Because Terraces

When its not -30 degrees and winter in Montreal, the summer time sunshine scorches down on this city. If you're like any other Montrealer, you'll like to take advantage of the sun's rays by soaking them up outside. In this city, you can eat and drink on some of the most beautiful terraces. Did we mention that smoking is allowed on this city's terraces? Something that's not so common in other areas.

41. Because Staircases

No we're not in Carrie Bradshaw's neighborhood, we're in Montreal! Having long and narrow staircase in front of your apartment or duplex is like having an iconic Montreal symbol right outside your home. We don't really know how this city adopted its special staircases, but they sure are beauties to look at.

42. Because Microbreweries

Loving beer is an incredibly valid reason for moving to Montreal on its own. If you're a fan of craft beers, then this city is the place for you. Montreal is home to some of the best microbreweries including Brutopia, Benelux and Dieu De Ciel to name a few.

43. Because Bilingualism

While several complaints have been filed concerning the laws and rights about language in this city, being surrounded by bilingual residents is a blessing. 80% of Quebecers say that Montreal is a bilingual city, an attribute which is hard to find in other cities. Knowing two languages most probably means that your twice as smart as anyone else who can only speak one.

44. Because Strip Clubs

For ages, Montreal has been known as the city that lives for strip clubs. If your looking to move to a city that will provide you with nothing but a good time, Montreal might just be the place. There are hundreds of strip clubs in Montreal, for both men and women.

45. Because Just For Laughs

If you love comedy, then you'll love Montreal. Every year, this city hosts a festival dedicated solely to comedy, (if you haven't already guessed that by its name). This festival attracts almost 2 million spectators every year, and for good reason.

46. Because Salad Bowl

From culture, to color and life, Montreal is a city that's made up of all sorts of races and religion. Our city's cultured salad bowl type of crowd will give you an education on perspectives all on its own. Unlike the United States' melting pot, this city's fresh and crunchy mix is definitely a healthy alternative for those that are into meeting different faces.

47. Because Legal Drinking Ages

For the younger ones that are concerned about the stress of fake ID's, Montreal will treat you just right. This city's legal drinking age is 18, which is among the youngest in North America. If you're not from here and think that the young drinking age attracts immature drunken debaucheries, you've thought wrong. Allowing the youth to start drinking at a younger age means that by the time they're in University and actually ready to party, their tolerance will be fully built, and ready to drink responsibly.

48. Because Skiing

If you're like any other Canadian, you love to ski. Montreal is in close proximity to dozens of ski mountains. When it comes to hitting the slopes, there's never a lack of mountain options to chose from here in Montreal. From Bromont, to Mont Blanc and Saint- Sauveur, skiing is always an accessible activity from this city.

49. Because MTL Blog

Montreal is such a lucky city that somebody decided to create a website all about it. Geared to showcase the city's ever evolving culture, art and nightlife scene, MTL Blog strives to constantly make others aware of what's going on in this beautiful city. If you're worried about not knowing what do in Montreal, prior or after your move, MTL Blog will always be there.

50. Because Montreal

Just because.

Why would you move to Montreal?

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