50 Ways To Take A Break In Montreal

You deserve it.
50 Ways To Take A Break In Montreal

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Living in the city pretty much always places your life in the fast lane. Between work, school, friends, family, and the essential bar/club adventure every weekend, you barely have any time to take a break. A life without any moments to yourself, where you can stop and truly appreciate everything, isn't a good thing, and takes away from what the city has to offer, so we made a list of small breaks any Montrealer can take in their day.

Whether it be to de-stress, to center yourself, or simply to provide some alone time, each idea will help you find a way to take a break, no matter where you are in the city. Read on, relax, then take a break.

  1. Walk up Mount Royal and take a path you've never taken before
  2. People watch at Eaton's Centre
  3. Imagine what it would be like to live in Montreal in the 60s
  4. Hit up a Friperie
  5. Do your laundry while sipping on a latte at Blanc De Blanc
  6. Get a legit pizza in Little Italy
  7. Have a smoke and coffee on a terrasse
  8. Pack a picnic and a bottle of wine and enjoy in the park
  9. Go for a run or bike ride on the Lachine Canal
  10. Get some fresh veggies at Jean-Talon market
  11. Listen to some free performances at Cafe Depanneur
  12. Take a nap somewhere random in the city, we suggest these spots
  13. Watch a play at the Mainline Theatre
  14. Cloud gaze on the roof of your building
  15. Go pet some furry friends in one of Montreal's dog parks
  16. Walk around a borough you've never explored
  17. Admire the giant houses in Westmount
  18. Chill out with some felines at a Montreal cat cafe
  19. Try and find a new mural or piece of street art
  20. Giggle a bunch at a comedy night at a Montreal bar/venue
  21. Take a scenic drive to enjoy the fall foliage
  22. Pick some fresh pumpkins at a nearby pumpkin patch, the make a pie
  23. Take a deep breath and remember: you don't live in Toronto, so be happy
  24. Head to the Museum of Fine Arts and take in some culture for free
  25. Walk around McGill campus and pretend to be a student
  26. Take a second to notice the people around you on the bus/metro
  27. Leave your phone in the office and have lunch alone
  28. Randomly sing a tune at Trois Minots or any karaoke bar
  29. Try out a cafe you've never been to, the city has plenty
  30. Watch a Habs game at a bar, even if you're not a fan, just join in on the fervor
  31. Find a complicated recipe and do everything from scratch
  32. Get a filling brunch with a good friend, with drinks, of course
  33. See a foreign film at Cinema du Parc
  34. Wake up extra early and walk down St. Laurent street, just to see what it's like
  35. Try your hand (or is that feet?) at swing dancing at Cat's Corner
  36. Grab a worn book of poetry at an independent book store, then read it in silence
  37. Look into the past through the Archives de Montreal
  38. Think about what you'd check out at Expo 67 if you could
  39. Say a prayer for the Habs to win the cup this season
  40. Partake in a Montreal food challenge, though some may not qualify as a real "break" from stress
  41. Eat a poutine, alone, so you can be as messy as you like
  42. Walk from one end of the city to the other only using underground passages
  43. Try a beer you've never had before at one of the city's microbreweries
  44. Eat the vegan version of a dish that is usually made with meat
  45. Play a few arcade games at Amusement 2000 Plus on St. Catherine street
  46. Read some manga and drink some tea at Manga Thé on St. Denis
  47. Get prepared for the cold and buy yourself some winter accessories
  48. Stop and try to understand why Montreal apartments have outdoor staircases 
  49. Head to the Mount Royal observatory and gaze upon the city while resisting the urge to snap a selfie
  50. Eat something Red Velvet-y at a Montreal bakery

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