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50 Words En Français Que All English People Can Understand

You're plus intelligent que tu think.
50 Words En Français Que All English People Can Understand

French and English have always had a close relationship. And I'm not talking about the people who live in Montreal, I mean the actual languages themselves. 

There are about 100,000 words in the french dictionary, but about 29% of the words in the English language originated from French. 

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That means that English speakers who claim they can't speak French, actually already know thousands of French words. Sometimes without even realizing it.

Sure there are the obvious words that have the same meaning and are spelled the same way such as: Television, Table, Information or Visible. 

But some words are literally just French words that English people started using because they simply sound better. 

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50 Words En Français Que All English People Can Understand

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1. A La Carte

With a separate price for each dish offered on the menu.

2. Menu

Any list or set of items, activities, etc., from which to choose.

3. Accessible

Easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use.

4. Audible

Capable of being heard; loud enough to be heard; actually heard.

5. Apéritif

A small drink of alcoholic liquor taken to stimulate the appetite before a meal.

6. Café

A restaurant, often with an enclosed or outdoor section extending onto the sidewalk.

7. Silhouette

The outline or general shape of something.

8. Attention

The act or faculty of attending, especially by directing the mind to an object.

9. Chauffeur

A person employed to drive a private automobile or limousine for the owner.

10. Transport

A means of transporting or conveying.

11. Stable

Not easily moved or disturbed.

12. Adorable

Delightful, cute, lovable, and charming.

13. Visible

Possible to see; perceptible to the eye.

14. Comfortable

Providing physical comfort - At Ease.

15. Bon Appétit

(I wish you) a hearty appetite.

16. Hors d’oeuvre

Any of various savory foods usually served as appetizers.

17. Vinaigrette

A sauce made typically of oil, vinegar, and seasonings.

18. Restaurant

A business establishment where meals or refreshments may be purchased.

19. Information

The communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence.

20. Chef 

A skilled cook who manages the kitchen.

21. Prêt-à-porter

Ready-to-wear clothes.

22. Couture

The business of designing, making, and selling fashionable custom-made women's clothing.

23. Picnic

An excursion or outing with food usually provided by members of the group and eaten in the open.

24. Petite

Having a small trim figure.

25. Bourgeois

Relating to characteristics of the social middle class.

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50 Words En Français Que All English People Can Understand

26. Brunette

A person having brown or black hair.

27. Definition

A statement expressing the essential nature of something.

28. Chic

Smart elegance and sophistication.

29. Critique

An act of criticizing.

30. Depot

A place for storing goods or motor vehicles.

31. Déjà vu

The illusion of remembering scenes and even.

32. Eau de Cologne

A perfumed liquid composed of alcohol and fragrant oils.

33. En Route

On or along the way when you are going to a place.

34. Entrepreneur

A person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.

35. Fiancé

A person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.

36. Genre

A particular type or category of literature or art.

37. Joie de vivre

A feeling of happiness or excitement about life

38. Toilette

A lavatory.

39. Voyeur

A person who engages in voyeurism.

40. R.S.V.P

To reply to an invitation.

41. Souvenir

Usually small and relatively inexpensive article given as memento.

42. A propos

In connection, concerning, with regard, in reference.

43. Justification

An acceptable reason for doing something.

44. Action

Something that a person or group does.

45. Bon voyage


46. Cliché

A phrase or expression that has been used so often that it is no longer original or interesting.

47. Faux

An embarrassing social mistake.

48. Bouquet

A group of flowers that are picked and often tied together.

49. Boutique

A small store that sells stylish clothing or other usually expensive things.

50. Coup

An impressive victory or achievement that usually is difficult or unexpected.

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