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500 Different Photos Of Montreal's Iconic Farine Five Roses

More pics than you'll ever need of the iconic building.
500 Different Photos Of Montreal's Iconic Farine Five Roses

Photo cred - Eric Constantineau

Every time you leave Montreal, or enter, or just look at the city-skyline, one structure stands out among the rest: the Farine Five Roses building. Synonymous with Montreal since 1948, the ol' FFR is like a red nightlight in the city, an ever-comforting illumination bringing a crimson hue to the sky that just makes everything seem right in the city.

We're not the only ones that have a love affair with the Farine Five Roses building, as this Flickr photo set, filled with nigh 500 photos of the structure, truly proves. Maybe it's just how the red letters cut through the night sky that make photographers snap the building, or the gritty urban feel to the area. Either way, the pics are testaments to FFR's unique connection the the culture of Montreal.

Feel free to rifle through them all, and even add your own (its an open group), or just take a gander below for some of of the best.

Photo cred - Bill Bins 

Photo cred - Sarah Kim Nguyen 

Photo cred - Bill Binns

Photo cred - Mystery 110

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