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54 Instagram Fit Girls In Canada That Will Leave You Crazy Motivated For The Gym

There's always those classic excuses not to start bettering yourself like "I'm just really busy at work right now" or "I'm just going to fail so what's the point" or the super class "I'll start next week for sure!"

These are all excuses that everyone reading this article, myself included, has 100% said to themselves at one point or another when they want to work out, eat healthy, and be fit and happy but just can't find the motivation to do it.

It's definitely not easy to find the motivation, but once you do there's nothing that can stop you. Once you really want something, you're going to go out and get it. So if you're still searching for that little bit of motivation to push you into the direction of your goals, check out these amazingly inspiring Canadian ladies that are killing the fitness game!

If they can do it, so can you!

Instagram Fit Girls In The Maritimes

Instagram Fit Girls In The Prairies

Instagram Fit Girls In Alberta

Instagram Fit Girls In British Columbia

Instagram Fit Girls In Quebec

Instagram Fit Girls In Ontario

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Josée Gallant // @josee_gallant

Where: Moncton, New Brunswick

via @josee_gallant

Samantha Lynn // @barbell_barbie

Where: Charlottetown, PEI

via @barbell_barbie

Jolene D'Entremont //

Where: Halifax


Jade Shannah // @jadeshannah

Where: Halifax

via @pushfithalifax

Rachel Graham // @losinggravity

Where: Nova Scotia

via @losinggravity

Heather Cooper // @heathercooper12

Where: New Brunswick

via @heathercooper12

Liana Osipova // @liana_osipova_fitness

Where: Charlottetown, PEI

via @liana_osipova_fitness

Maria Philpott // @mep525

Where: St. John, Newfoundland

via @mep525

Steph Fowler // @stemayy

Where: Newfoundland

via @stemayy

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Courtney // @courtmendryk

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba

via @courtmendryk

Tania Tetrault Vrga // @life_of_tania

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba

via @life_of_tania

Shelby Saylor // @healthysoulfitness

Where: Regina, Saskatchewan

via @healthysoulfitness

Mariz Anonas // @marizanonas

Where: Regina, Saskatchewan

via @marizanonas

Katie Staub // @katiestaub

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba

via @katiestaub

Hayley // @thehaylestorm

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba

via @thehaylestorm

Noelle McIlvaine // @noey_rawr

Where: Regina, Saskatchewan

via @noey_rawr

Cynthia // @healthy_fit_love_35

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba

via @healthy_fit_love_35

Tanisha Beaudry // @tanishabeaudry

Where: Regina, Saskatchewan

via @tanishabeaudry

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Leesa Schlenker // @leesaschlenker

Where: Calgary

via @leesaschlenker

Rini // @ownitbabe

Where: Calgary

via @ownitbabe

Lucie Balcarkova // @the_lucsiddlucie

Where: Edmonton

via @the_lucsiddlucie

Raeanne Kinch // @barrewithrae

Where: Calgary

via @barrewithrae

Elena Lulu // @elena.lulu

Where: Calgary

via @elena.lulu

Shantelle Jonassen // @shantellefitnesss

Where: Calgary

via @shantellefitnesss

Joanna Magik // @joannamagik

Where: Calgary

via @joannamagik

Karleen Valencia // @karleensamson

Where: Calgary

via @karleensamson

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Natalie Amoore // @natalieamoorefit

Where: Vancouver

via @natalieamoorefit

Jamie Anna // @jamieannafit

Where: Vancouver

via @jamieannafit

Phaedra // @phaedrafitness

Where: Vancouver

via @phaedrafitness

Maxine Alexandra Somov // @missmaxinealexandra

Where: Vancouver

via @missmaxinealexandra

Ro Acuna // @racuna89

Where: Vancouver

via @racuna89

Kristy Jacobs // @kristymariejacobs

Where: Vancouver

via @kristymariejacobs

Sydney Langston // @sydlangston

Where: Vancouver

via @sydlangston

Carly Pinchin // @carlypinchin

Where: Vancouver

via @carlypinchin

Stephanie Jamieson // @stephiemjamieson

Where: Vancouver

via @stephiemjamieson

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Isabelle Houle // @isabellehoulee

Where: Montreal

via @isabellehoulee

Lyndsay Reeves // @lyndsreeves

Where: Montreal

via @lyndsreeves

Dana Poleakov // @dana.poleakov

Where: Montreal

via @dana.poleakov

Chloe // @chloebar

Where: Montreal

via @chloebar

Isabella Mazerolle // @isabellamazerolle

Where: Montreal

via @isabellamazerolle

Marina Vacca // @marinavaccafitness

Where: Montreal

via @marinavaccafitness

"Barbelle" // @inabarbelleworld

Where: Montreal

via @inabarbelleworld

Betania // @betaniamtl

Where: Montreal

via @betaniamtl

Ariane Tonka // @arianetonka

Where: Montreal

via @arianetonka

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Eva Redpath // @evaredpath

Where: Toronto

via @evaredpath

Lyzabeth Lopez // @lyzabethlopez

Where: Toronto

via @lyzabethlopez

Mackenzie White // @themacwhite

Where: Toronto

via @themacwhite

Carlie Dusome // @cardusome

Where: Toronto

via @cardusome

Britt Churchill // @brittchurchill

Where: Toronto

via @brittchurchill

"AbQueen" // @msfitbytee

Where: Toronto

via @msfitbytee

Janet // @crossfitkitty

Where: Toronto

via @crossfitkitty

Anya Ells // @anyaells

Where: Toronto

via @anyaells

Mia Mazin // @therealmiamazin

Where: Toronto

via @therealmiamazin

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