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Montreal To Host First Ever 5K Beer Marathon?

When beer meets running, everyone wins.
Montreal To Host First Ever 5K Beer Marathon?

Everyone would be more partial to a quick 5km run if there was beer involved, or the finish line was a beer festival in itself. That's basically the concept behind Craft Brew Races, a series of 5k runs combined with a craft beer festival that may be on its way to Montreal.

Like any other group race, participants run (or walk) a full 5k, but instead of being health-nuts or intense runners, everyone in the competition just loves craft beer. To celebrate their common love of locally made beer, the 5k ends with a post-race Brew Festival featuring 20+ local breweries and their alcoholic wares.

The 5k aspect isn't mandatory, as you can just enjoy the Brew Festival, but those who do run have the chance to win special prizes. Everyone who makes it to the Brew Fest will have unlimited samples of all the beers available, so really, no matter if you run or not, everybody wins.

At the moment, Craft Brew Races are only in 5 American cities. But there is hope for Montreal! We spoke with the organizers of the Craft Brew Races, and when asked if the concept could be extended to Montreal, they replied with a vague, but optimistic, "There is a chance."

That glimmer of hope was enough to get our livers jazzed for Montreal's Craft Brew Races, and our brains pondering about the specifics of the event. Montreal has more than enough craft brewers to supply the beers for the Brew Fest, and there are tons of locations the run could take place. A jog through downtown to the Olympic Stadium, a section of Mount Royal, or even one of our handy pub crawl routes would all work.

Like Craft Brew Races on Facebook and maybe if they see enough Montrealers are into it, they'll get busy on getting the race northward.

Do you want Craft Brew Races in Montreal?

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