6 "Nouveau" Breakfast Spots In Montreal That You Must Try This Automne

Beyond your 'œufspectations'!
6 "Nouveau" Breakfast Spots In Montreal That You Must Try This Automne

Montreal is 514% known for their fabulous breakfast spots and it looks like over the past few months we have gained quite a few memorable ones that we all should try this 'Automne' (some frenglais for ya). New restaurants are opening everyday in this fabulous city but the best ones don't only serve dinner and lunch. 

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Breakfast is key to starting off your morning right as we all know. However, I bet you didn't know that these new breakfast spots in Montreal will put a big smile on your face every morning! So, put on your stretchy pants and get down to these new creations that are making life in MTL that much better. 

Café Bazin

Where: 380 Victoria Ave // Westmount

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Type: French

Price: 💸

Why you should go: Cafe Bazin has it all! They are a superb mix between a pastry shop, café and a French bistro. They describe themselves as a little corner of France in Montreal and I couldn't agree more.



Where:2194 Centre St // Pointe-St-Charles

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Type: Gourmet

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Miel is a newly opened restaurant that will serve you the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner this fall! Their wooden walls give it the perfect rustic ambiance we all love once it starts to get cold.


Restaurant Mélisse

Where:719 William St // Griffintown

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Type: Modern

Price: 💸

Why you should go: This adorable newly opened cafe doesn't only act as a great study location, it is also a fabulous brunch spot for you and your BFFs to try! So, you can munch down on some delicious treats while enjoying the crisp fall air.



Where:5674 Monkland // Monkland Village

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Type: Italian

Price: 💸

Why you should go: If you adore meat, then this is the brunch spot for you! Porco is an Italian inspired restaurant that will serve you up the perfect fall brunch.


Kleine Shoppe

Where:3027 Notre Dame West // Atwater Market Area

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Type: Gluten Free

Price: 💸

Why you should go: Kleine Shoppe is a brand cafe (first opening in May 2017) in Montreal that also acts as a breakfast spot with gluten free desserts and even some vegan options. They are located just minutes away from Lionel metro making it the perfect fall breakfast location since you can hit up Atwater Market afterwards.



Where: 1041 Ave Van Horne // Tip of Mile-End

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Type: Bistro

Price: 💸

Why you should go: Not only is Boxermans a hip cafe, but it is also the perfect bistro that will supply you with some delicious fall treats and a spectacular ambiance.