6 Bad Habits You Didn't Know Were Affecting Your Sex Performance

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As Montrealers, we are proud that out of all the cities in Canada, we, indeed, have the most sex. *Self high-five* Outsiders often refer to the nightlife and the city vibe as 'sexy' - that may have something to do with the fact that Montrealers are conscious about their physical appearance and the way they present themselves. It's very elegant and can be veryyyyyy distracting.

But, what if you're one of those people who simply feel, "meh" when it comes time to having sex? Does it mean your guy or gal doesn't do the trick? Does it mean that you're bad at it? Not even. It actually isn't you per se; but it's your terrible habits that effect your sexual performance.

Here are some things that actually affect your behaviour in the bedroom and how you can fix them:

1. Sleep. Your body needs 4 things to survive: water, food, sleep, and exercise. Sleep being on the top of the list because you can actually survive longer without food then without sleep. Mind blown. Your body needs sleep to have its organs running at 100%. The continuous lag of getting quality sleep will only effect your health in more ways then one.

Fix it: Sleep 7 - 8 hours, avoid stimulates after noon.

2. Food. As mentioned in a previous blog, 10 Foods You Can Eat That Will Boost Your Sex Drive In A Hurry , the quality of your food will either enhance your libido or decrease your libido. Foods that come from boxes and cans contain high amounts of MSG which will make you feel sluggish and alter your 'want' for sex.

Fix it: Stick to whole foods and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

3. Stress. You have too much on the go. Although, having sex can distress your life, it will almost always out date itself. Essentially, you will become to exhausted, fatigue, and depressed putting sex on the back-burner. Do not remain stressed for long periods of time. Remember to have YOU time, skip your social outings, skip the gym, skip family dinners - JUST DO YOU. At the end of the day, the only person that has to live with your body is you.

Fix it: Have one day a week where you focus less on things that need to be done and things you want to do.

4. Insecurity. Ladies, a man or woman (whatever you fancy) can only tell you so many times how beautiful you are before you start believing it. If you have negative feelings about your body it will translate in how you approach your partner in the bedroom.

Fix it: Unfortunately, there is no one way to fix this but just staying positive and learning to love all your imperfections.

5. Overweight. Sure, having a few extra pounds isn't all that bad. What effects your sexual performance are things associated with being overweight like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other medical conditions.

Fix it: Lose the extra weight, make your health a priority and the rest will follow.

6. Lack of exercise. Exercise has been proven to increase blood flow, increase mood, and increase energy. Enough said.

Fix it: Hit the gym 3 times per week.

A healthy sex life can be very enriching as it improves the quality of the relationship with your partner. Make these points a habit and your partner won't know what hit 'em.