6 Best Places To Go Sledding And Tobogganing In Montreal This Weekend

With all this snow, it's time to get your slide on!
6 Best Places To Go Sledding And Tobogganing In Montreal This Weekend

With all this snow, there is really nothing better to do than get out there and enjoy it.

Montreal offers up the opportunity to snowshoe and cross-country ski on Mount Royal, but really all you need is a crazy carpet and some snow pants and you're set for the day.

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TL;DR The snowstorm has prepped Montreal for the best weekend of tobogganing ever. Grab your crazy carpet and head to one of these hills below for the most classic winter activity.

Not only is tobogganing the most fun you can have with a hill and a garbage bag, but it's also super good exercise. No chairlifts here!

1.  Parc Mont-Royal

The hills near the corner of Mont-Royal and Parc are prime for some safe sledding.

It's also a great central location so you can call up your friends and meet for an afternoon! Get off at Mont-Royal Station and follow Mont-Royal straight to Parc.

2. Lac Aux Castors

If you don't have your own sled or toboggan, you can always rent a tube at the Beaver Lake Pavilion.

For adults, the cost is only $9. For opening hours and more details click the link below.

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3. Parc Beaubien

On Côte-Sainte-Catherine at the corner of McEachran, you will find Parc Beaubien, another great choice to get your slide on if Outremont is where you call home.

4. Parc Jarry

If your hood is the Villeray-Parc Ex area, head to Parc Jarry.

At the corner of Jarry and Saint-Laurent, not far from the swimming pool, you'll find the Jarry hill. There's also a skating rink if that's your winter pastime of choice!

5. Parc Jean Drapeau

The sprawling park is full of hills. For Fêtes des neiges, the park even constructed ice slides. The festival has ended for the 2019 season, but the park is still a great snow-day destination!

6. Parc du Pélican

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At the corner of rue Masson and 1re Avenue, you'll find the Parc Pelican hill.

It is also not far from the swimming pool and perfect for sliders of all ages.

Have I missed an amazing hill that Montrealers need to know about?

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