6 Classic Montreal First Date Spots You Need To 100% Avoid If You Want A Second Date

Photo Cred - pdPhotography

Everything is make or break when it comes to the first date. The treacherous juggle of making a good first impression while getting to know someone is a lot to handle. Sticking to a safe date formula seems like a good option when you’re stressed, but we’re here to tell you that it can work out to your disadvantage. What sounds good on paper doesn’t always pan out when you get down to the nitty gritty of it.

1. A Romantic Hike Up Mont Royal

For this first date idea to work you have to both be incredibly in shape. If not, it has the potential to be awful. Sweating, shivering, loss of breath and the urge to complain are all real struggles you will face. How are you supposed to flirt and get to know someone when freezing cold air is incessantly piercing your lungs? Answer: You can’t.

2. Schwartz

Even though the food is delish, Schwartz isn't really a great spot to bring a first date. More often than not you’ll have to wait in line, and once you actually are inside, you will be rushed to get out. Because Shwartz is in high public demand it becomes cramped, noisy and the air smells like a combination of meat and B.O. So romantic.

3. A Tour Of McGill Campus (Or Any Campus Really)

Yes the campus is beautiful and immaculate, but if I wanted a history lesson on John McGill I would’ve ask one of the tour guides. Just because you met at school doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Get out and see the world! A change of scenery is good for first date conversation.

Photo Cred - IceHockeyFan36

4. The Habs Game

There are plenty of guys and gals who love the Canadiens, that’s not the issue with this date spot. The problem is the other thousands of screaming, emotional people who will also be joining in on your date. Toothless men throwing their beer across the stands kind of kills the mood.

5. McKibbins For Drinks

Drinks are not a good idea in general unless it is in a strictly dinner–type setting. Getting too tipsy is inevitable, especially at McKibbins. Is it cozy? Yes. Are their beef nachos the best thing in the world? Obviously. But let’s face it, you’re going to down the pints too fast (like we all do) and either say something horribly embarrassing or puke up the nachos when you get home.

6. Shopping On Saint Catherine’s Street

Shopping dates can be adorable if executed properly. You both have a purpose and the constantly changing scenery promotes conversation. But be warned, if you are going to apply this date model, stay far, FAR away from Saint Cats. The aggressive hustle and bustle is frustrating, even when shopping alone. Any talking you do get in with your date, will be drowned out by loud pop music and squealing teenagers.