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6 Crazy Cocktails You Can Get In Montreal

You'll want to get more than a little tipsy off of these.
6 Crazy Cocktails You Can Get In Montreal

Once upon a time, I used to only drink shots... until I tasted my first cocktail and realized that drinking didn't actually have to hurt all the time.

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Friends, this opened up a whole new world for me. Cocktails are awesome, but the only thing better than a cocktail? A legit insane lit AF cocktail!

And although Montreal is full of spots where you can find awesome cocktails, a select few stand out.

Pot Masson

via @biancaparise_e

3141 Rue Masson

Honestly, I have so much love for this Rosemont spot. The food here is awesome, and super inexpensive- but it's the cocktails that really shine. Some are topped with fruits and whipped cream; some have legit Mr. Freezes and cotton candy on them; all of them are full of legit happiness.


Le Mal Nécessaire

via @mastersnakou

1106 B Boulevard Saint-Laurent

If it's been your dream to drink out of a coconut and/or a pineapple, then have I got some amazing news for you. This hidden bar in Montreal's Chinatown serves up their cocktails in pineapples and coconuts, making these insane cocktails super tropical and super fun.


Deville Dinerbar

via @elliotheyoyo

1425 Stanley St

This spot is pretty much synonymous with crazy concotions in Montreal. It's more of a resto-bar, and their dishes are seriously insane. Their cocktails, though? Well, they take the cake. Most of their creations are served in giant fishbowls... but some are placed in coconuts, for an added tropical flair.


Candi Bar

via @elo_music_side

1148 Mont-Royal Ave E

Straight up, if you're a fan of candy, then you're a fan of Candi Bar. Known mainly for their super sweet and tasty slushie drinks, Candi Bar's cocktails mainly all integrate candy in some way, shape, or form... including their Jungle Juice mix, which is basically a giant punch bowl of happiness, filled with drinks and candy.



via @antoinegauthier

451 Rue Rachel E

Friends, if you're a fan of pure mixology, then have I got some great news for you. Montreal's Mayfair, located in the Plateau, serves up drinks that are pretty much mixology in their purest form. Look out for egg whites, cognac, fruit syrups, lemon peels, and more, all integrated into perfectly created cocktails.



via @johnjayg

390 St Jacques St

Honestly, if you're going to Bord'Elle, you're going to have a good time no matter what cocktail you pick. This Old Montreal spot is known to get turnt AF, and with some seriously oppulent vibes (gold toilets FTW), delicious drinks, and awesome food, this is spot is a guarunteed fun and crazy time.


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