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6 Crazy Frustrating Fall Struggles Only Canadians Can Relate To

Why are there so many people all of a sudden?!
6 Crazy Frustrating Fall Struggles Only Canadians Can Relate To

The different between September and August is black and white.

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Literally, as soon as Labour Day weekend is over, it's as if this entire city's population quadruples. All of a sudden the streets are FULL of cars, people, traffic, congestion – it's pure chaos that drives even the most sane of us totally mad.

That said, autumn, on the whole, is a unique time of year. The season is synonymous with transition, and just like any time of transition – it's awkward AF.

Here are a few typical fall struggles that are all too relatable for Canadians, and remember – you're not alone.

1. Iced or hot Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Life is full of big decisions. Whether to take your PSL latte – or any coffee for that matter – iced or hot in September, is one of those decisions. Although the PSL was originally intended to be served hot, it now comes as a cold option in September to satisfy that masses that have started demanding the release of the PSL earlier and earlier. If you ask me, Starbucks may as well serve it all year round at this point.

2. Dressing for two seasons in one day

Brrrr. It's cold in the morning! The car windows are full of dew; you wrap yourself burrito style in your comforter to shield yourself from the incoming window breeze. You leave your apartment with a jacket, hoodie, maybe even a tuque. Only to find that once the afternoon hits, you have made a terrible decision. The sun is blazing, humidity is rapidly rising, and you're sweating so profusely that your co-workers start wondering if you're ill. Welcome to September.

3. Trying to Decide When To put away the A.C

The same struggle exists with boots and coats in the winter. You THINK that the snow is finally over, so you put away your snow gear. This action instantly delivers a cosmic message to mother nature to send another snowstorm, it's not over yet! Except once you put away the A/C, that's it, there's no going back. Looks like this weekend will be a hot one, so best to keep it out a few more days.

4. An explosion of traffic and people on the streets and highways

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Is it just me, or are the busses, metro, and streets just overflowing with people and cars? The difference between August and September is literally like night and day. August is the most mellow month of the year, school is still out, and everyone – I mean everyone – is away. Come September, not only is school back in, but everyone returns from vacation, and major Canadian cities say "hello" to the thousands of new international students flocking here to study. It's just TOO MUCH for one city to handle.

5. Wearing your new cute sweater but dying of heat

This isn't fashion, it's self-inflicted torture! So, you bought that "PERFECT" sweater you just know you're going to wear all fall and winter. You stare at it hanging in your closet and think "what the hell" and you throw it on anyway. This is a huge mistake. As the noon-day sun starts burning up, thousands of fuzzy wool fibers are scratching against your moist and rapidly overheating skin. You try to force an awkward and painful smile as someone says "cute sweater." And you burst into flames before you can utter the words "Thanks, Aritzia."

6. Still partying like it's summer when mid-terms are around the corner

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Some people just can't let go of summer. They are the opposite of the "pumpkin everything" fall cult people. I get it, it's hard to accept that summer is over. However, if it's nearing the end of September and you're still running around in shorts or a tube top "woo-ing" all over the most popular party streets – be warned, it might be time for an intervention.

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