6 Easy Ways To Fix Your Bed-Head Without Being Late

We've all been there.
6 Easy Ways To Fix Your Bed-Head Without Being Late

Everyone has that-kind-of-morning where they miss their alarm, run around the house like a mad person, probably skip breakfast and when they're half way to work or school, realize they've forgotten to pack something important. While there's no guarantee those mornings wont happen ever again, here's some inspiration for the people who want to cut down the time it takes to get ready without walking out the door feeling like a trainwreck.

1. The Ponytail

Ponytails are a super simple and easy hairstyle to do in the morning- but let's be honest, it doesn't take long to get bored of them! To add a little something else to your ponytail, try leaving out two small sections that fall before your ears and then tie up the rest of your hair into a ponytail. With one section, twist it away from your face and bobby pin it near your hair tie. Do the same with your last section. This will keep your bangs off your face and out of your eyes as well as add a little more dimension to a usually basic look.

2. The Bun

Buns are like the designated lazy girl hair style. But that doesn't mean we want to look lazy all the time. To add some flare, try the bow bun. Don't be afraid- it only looks complicated but with a little practice it's ridiculously simple. First, make a high pony tail and loop your hair through an elastic so that it resembles a bun and the ends sit on top of your head. Split the bun down the middle and finally, take the remaining loose ends and bobby pin them behind the split bun.

Photo cred - Melissa Schamanek

3. The Side Braid

Side braids are cute and there are endless ways to achieve them. But, if you're looking for something a little more interesting to look at, try this! Take a small section of hair close to your face (most likely your side bangs) and braid it. It can be a regular braid or fish-tailed, the choice is really up to you. Tie it off and pull it apart a little, bit by bit. It makes the braid appear thicker and fuller. Work on doing a side braid with the rest of your hair. Again, the type of braid is up to you! Once the larger braid is tied with an elastic, untie the smaller braid and pin it with a bobby pin to the side of your head.

4. Waves

Beach waves are a really popular hairstyle but using heat on your hair constantly can be damaging- and time consuming! Try investing in some sea salt spray. Nearly every hair product brand on the market carries their own kind and the look takes seconds to do. Spray the product all over and for a few seconds, scrunch your hair and twist it. The more you play and tease your hair, the more waves you'll get. It works best on damp hair that dries naturally but if you prefer to scrunch and then blow dry, that works too!

5. Curls

To get curls that don't take all morning to create, try preparing them over-night! Section your hair off into four sections, two on either side of your head. With each section, twist them away from your head until you reach a couple of inches away from the end and then bring the piece over your head like a headband. Bobby pin it down and repeat with each section. When you wake up in the morning, remove the bobby pins and untwist your hair to reveal already done curls. If they're lacking in volume, try using some dry shampoo or hairspray.

6. The Headband

Why spend money on hair accessories when you can turn your hair into a pretty and unique one? To make a braided headband, start with one two-inch section of hair behind your ear. Create a regular braid and once completed, bring it over your head and bobby pin it in place. Repeat the process on the other side of your head with a new section. To hide the bobby pins and ends of your braids, try tucking them under the opposite braid, which really completes the look of a real headband.

So there's some easy hair inspiration to make you feel a little bit better about your mornings! Comment down below what your favorite go-to hair style is in the morning or if you tried one of ours above.

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