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6 Foods That Will Help You Have Amazing Sex

Wanna have a good lay? Eat these foods we say!
6 Foods That Will Help You Have Amazing Sex

Food and sex have always been somewhat associated. Aphrodisiacs have become a huge sexy trend, with exclusive aphrodisiac restaurants entering our fair city , but there are other, less sexy, foods which will do way more for your libido. These eats may not be alluring like whipped cream and strawberries, but they do contain the necessary nutrients and minerals to increase your sex drive. Read on to find out about foods that will improve your sex life.

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Now here's a real reason to eat your veggies your momma never told ya. Spinach is large source of magnesium, which helps dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow...straight to your crotch. Eat spinach, get aroused quicker. Popeye was definitely on to something.


Ironically, eggs, little baby cells themselves, can improve a human's sex life and aren't just the result of chickens getting busy. Abundant in B6, B5, and epic in protein, eggs help to balance hormone levels, ease stress, and lose/maintain weight. Keep your libido healthy while you get mega ripped, so you can look good during all your sexin'.

Red Wine & MEAT

Other than being fancy, the red wine and meat combo can help you in the sack for a variety of reasons. Red wine has antioxidants that can trigger nitric oxide in blood, which relaxes artery walls, and thus increasing blood flow...again, to your crotch. The alcohol will also help your mind get a little more loose too.

On the meat end of things, lean cuts of red meat contain a lot of zinc which lessens the amount of prolactin in your body, a hormone that can cause sexual dysfunction and is thus evil. Zinc is also essential to building muscle, so eat up and hit the gym.

Red Wine + Red Meat = Frisky + Sexy

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish, like tuna and salmon, have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids which increase dopamine levels, a hormone that triggers sexual arousal. Fish also has the amino acid L-arginine that creates nitric oxidde. Nitric oxide is essential for triggering erections and aids women by opening blood vessels to open wider and increase blood flow...once more, to your crotch. Screw the smell, fish is worth it if it improves your dirty bits.

Dark Chocolate

Deemed better than sex (at least to some) dark chocolate is inherently sensual, and will help you get laid because of it. Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamin, a compound that releases the same endorphins triggered by sexual activity. Want a girl/guy to like you? Buy them a box of dark chocolate, as a dark chocolate has shown to increase attraction towards two people, and can even illicit a more intense emotional reaction than kissing can, according to a British study. Now you know what to buy on Valentine's Day.


Nuts, and almonds in particular, create and contain the type of fats that create good cholesterol in your body, the type your hormones need to function correctly. So make that very good cholesterol. Almonds are also rich in zinc, that magical ingredient that just gets people randy and rarin' to go.

Got your own personal food that gets you randy? Tried some of these and saw no real effect? Let us know in the comments below!

Source - Men's Health

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