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6 Local Quebec Plant Stores That Will Deliver New Life To Your Apartment

Bring a little nature into your home!
Contributing Writer
6 Local Quebec Plant Stores That Will Deliver New Life To Your Apartment

Right now, so many of us are spending our days reorganizing our entire apartments. In doing so, we often realize what we'd like to add to our homes. With this in mind, we found six local Quebec plant stores that you can order from online and they'll deliver your new little green roommates right to your door.

Also, if there's anything the current world situation has taught us, it's the need to support local during difficult times. Quebec has worked hard to show citizens the importance of buying local by starting initiatives such as Le Panier Bleu.

And now, you can help yourself while helping the Quebec economy!

There are a million and one reasons for getting yourself a new plant friend right now: gardening is therapeutic, plants add colour and life to any home, and having plants is known to help reduce stress — especially when you put them in your at-home office. Need I say more?

What better time than now to turn your apartment into a little greenhouse?

Don't forget to give each of your new babies a name!


This local Montreal store makes your online plant shopping experience so simple with its perfectly done website. Plus, there are sales for you to take advantage of every so often!


Miss Boon Boutique Végétale

Miss Boon has a fantastic selection of plants to help add a little green to your apartment. You can also purchase some versatile pots to help perfect your new at-home garden.


The Flower Pot

The Flower Pot has both regular indoor plants for you to decorate your apartment with, and flower arrangements for tons of occasions. So, whether you're looking for yourself or a friend, they've got you covered!



Plantzy offers tons of cool plants that will help brighten up your at-home office. The owners also made a guide to taking care of your plants, which you can order to make sure you're giving your new friends exactly what they need.


Le Jardin de Mathilde

If you're a succulent lover, Le Jardin de Mathilde is your spot. You can also get 15% off your order by signing up for the store's emails!


Fleuriste Abaca

Options are limited right now due to the current situation, but all the more reason to help support this local Montreal store and get yourself a colourful new roommate!


Happy plant shopping.

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