6 Montreal Companies That Want To Pay You To Be In Movies This Summer

During the summer in Montreal, there are a lot of TV shows and movies filming around the city, which means there is a big demand for movie extras. 

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So if you don't feel feels like spending the whole summer as a lifeguard or a barista, then perhaps you should consider another becoming an movie extra instead. All you need to do is sign up.

Here are 6 companies where you can get hired as a movie extra in Montreal:

1. A.C.T.R.A.

The biggest representative of English language actors in Canada.

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2. Total Casting

Films, animation, and even video game voices.

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3. Kenyon Wells Casting

For more serious roles.

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4. Casting Call

For comedy short films and theater.

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5. Elite Casting

All kinds of casting from movie extras to lead actors.

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6. Star Now

Everything from feature films, to commercials, TV series and voiceover.

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