6 Montreal Restaurants That Will Give You Free Champagne This Weekend

All you have to do is give them your socks.
6 Montreal Restaurants That Will Give You Free Champagne This Weekend

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A pair of good, clean, warm, and comfy socks is an undervalued commodity. Us privileged folks with well-covered feet forget what a solid pair of socks does for your trotters. Many people without homes in Montreal must suffer the woes of winter without any proper feet-warming apparel, which is why a group Montreal restos are joining forces in the "Socks for Bubbly" event.

Started on Tuesday, November 18th and continuing until Saturday, November 22nd, six different Montreal restaurants will be offering all citizens of Montreal a gratis glass of champagne simply for donating a fresh pair of socks which will go to warm the feet of Montreal's homeless population.

Working with the Mission Old Brewery, Dans la rue, and the Sun Youth organization, the Socks for Bubbly charity initiative seeks to raise awareness on the serious lack of proper undergarments and winter-wear that plague people without homes in Montreal. The aforementioned charities will ensure all socks are handed out to the homeless in an efficient manner, so that every pair of socks finds a persons feet.

So if you have some extra socks your grandparents gave you for your bday, or there was a sale at Costco, or you just want to help out a good cause, bring a pair of socks to the following restos and get your free glass of champagne, so you can feel classy while being charitable. Here's the resto list:

  1. Pastaga (map)
  2. Pizzereria Gema (map)
  3. Boucherie Lawrence (map)
  4. Restaurant Santa Barbara (map)
  5. Micro Resto La Famille (map)
  6. Restaurant Gus (map)

For more info on the Socks for Bubbly event, head over to the Facebook event page.

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