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6 Montreal Shops Where You Can Buy Cheap Palazzo Pants

Wearing these you'll feel free all summer long.
6 Montreal Shops Where You Can Buy Cheap Palazzo Pants

Friends, I declare that the death of shorts is upon us. What do I mean by this? Well, as the signatures of summer unfurl all around you, take notice of what Montreal's most stylish ladies are wearing as bottoms. While of course shorts are still, and probably always will be, a popular option, they seem to be less common in fashion circles these days. Pants are back, (back again) and they're bolder than ever.

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The most fashion forward girls are now rocking what's referred to as the palazzo pant, the flare pant, or the '70s style pant. These are usually higher-waisted, loose either at the bottom or through the middle, and can be plain or patterned, though the latter are quite popular for summer. What's great is that these kinds of pants range in shape, so every body type can find something to feel comfortable in.

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If you're worried about being too hot , rest assured that these flowy, workable materials will definitely help keep you cool. Even better, they will protect the skin on your legs from sunburn, which   is damaging and can have serious effects long-term. Basically, these new summer pants are just the all-around best way to be stylish, comfortable and cool this summer. Consult this list to find your perfect pair in Montreal.

1. Citizen Vintage

A photo posted by Citizen Vintage (@citizenvintage) on

5330 St. Laurent

First of all, how adorable and comfortable does this outfit above look!? I think that vintage stores are the perfect place to hunt for your summer pants, since today's styles are closely reminiscent of older eras, particularly the 1970s and '80s.

Citizen Vintage is one of the most popular vintage boutiques in Montreal, and the layout, vibe and overall etiquette of their store is just what you need for a great shopping experience.

Rest assured you'll find what you're looking for here, and they've got some truly excellent pant options.


2. LiME

A photo posted by Lime (@boutiquelime) on

1455 Peel Street

Trying to get stylish without going broke? No worries, me too. LiME is a great option for cheap summer finds without a hefty price tag. In terms of the newest pant styles, they actually have quite the range of options, from basic to more out-there patterns.

Another key thing about LiME is that it can act as a one-stop shop. When you find your perfect pair of bottoms, you'll easily be able to find a tank or crop-top to go with them. The sheer volume of clothing here is what works for the quick shopper. Stop in and you won't be disappointed.


3. Local 23

A photo posted by Local 23 (@local23montreal) on

23 Rue Bernard O

The styles you can find at Local 23 are truly fun, unique, and beautiful. You'll go there for the pants, and end up staying for the dresses, shoes, accessories, and so much more. Sorry in advance to your wallet, but it's just so worth it!

That being said, the prices here are low to mid-range, and you get quality without paying ridiculous amounts. Similar to Citizen Vintage, Local 23 has a great touch for that '70s feel you're going for with your new summer pant collection.


4. Un Monde De M

Photo cred - Un Monde de M

3706 St. Laurent

Ok, I know some of you may see this and think, Shauna don't play me, that's clearly a home decor store. And alright I'll admit, for the most part it is. But hear me out, I promise I have your best interests at heart. There are pants here! Many pants! 2-3 racks of pants to be precise!

I wandered into this intriguing store one day, and I was surprised to see racks of clothing hidden amongst the awesome home decor stuff. Fitting with the many hippie, bohemian-inspired items at Un Monde de M, their pant collection is made up of different flowy, patterned styles, many with elephants or symbols similar to what is on their many tapestries (pictured above).

I promise you this is a niche find where not many people would think to look for summer pants. They also have some cool tank tops and beautiful jewellery if you're on the hunt for those as well.


5. Mika

A photo posted by boutikmika (@boutikmika) on

4116 St. Laurent

I'm sure many of you are already obsessed with Mika, and I don't blame you. All around, they hit the mark when it comes to great fashion at a range of prices suitable for every shopper. And let me tell you, they are slaying when it comes to summer styles. They've always got the newest looks in stock, and pants for summer are no exception.

If you're in the Plateau, keep Mika on your list for a day of boutique-hopping. They know how to pair and create outfits so well, it'll be love at first buy.


6. Empire Exchange

A photo posted by Empire Exchange (@empireexchange) on

51 Rue Bernard O

Did I mention that vintage stores are the best place to find your trendy summer pants? No? Well, here's another incredible vintage boutique to reiterate my point. Empire Exchange actually functions as both a used clothing store, and a consignment store. This means that people with high quality and stylish, gently used clothing can sell their items here for a profit.

This system guarantees that you'll find some amazing pieces, and since vintage-style pants are all the rage, there will be no shortage of options at Empire Exchange. This is really the place for classic statement pieces, so if you're looking for simple - think high-waisted, off white flare pants that go with everything - head here for the undeniably unique collection.


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