6 Montreal STM Metro Stations That Will Have Empty Ticket Booths In 2015

Photo cred - (^_~) [MARK'N MARKUS] (~_^)

2015 is bringing about more changes to the STM metro network other than a small raise in the price of fares, as the role of employees will also be modified in the current new year. The city's beloved metro ticket changers, those notoriously helpful and happy STM employees who trade cash for tickets at the turnstiles, have new roles at certain station, and may not be in their booths at all.

Effective now, the STM has launched a pilot project that will change the role and duties of ticket changers in 6 STM metro stations, reports TVA. In Jean Talon, Rosemont, Radisson, Pie IX, Square-Victoria-OACI and Lionel Groulx stations, ticket changers will now step outside their glass booths and walk about their respective stations.

Visual inspections are now a part of the ticket changer's new responsibilities, along with aiding individuals with the automatic fare machines and helping out confused travelers. All of these changes are being done to improve customer service on the STM metro network, and if you noted my sarcasm in the first paragraph, you'd know I think this is a worthy goal.

Don't think you'll be getting any free rides out of this though, as it's doubtful a ticket changer will let anyone get past the turnstiles without a pass, even if they're taking a stroll about the station.

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