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6 New Buildings In Montreal That Will Forever Change The City's Skyline In 2014

Skyscrapers to be built in the city this year.
6 New Buildings In Montreal That Will Forever Change The City's Skyline In 2014

New life will be breathed into the city of Montreal in 2014, as brand new buildings will be erected in the downtown core. Years have passed since Montreal last had major building projects underway, but things will change in 2014. Upwards of ten 30+ storey skyscrapers are set to be constructed, with some already underway. I'm sure you've walked past these ambitious building projects a hundred times already, but what are the details on these mysterious brick giants? Time to find out.

14 building projects are set to begin or be completed in 2014, but it's likely some may fall to the wayside. Rather than go through all of them, here's a list of six important new buildings to be made in Montreal this year.

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  • Project almost done/opening soon

Details: 40 floor residential tower with 250 housing units. Built on the largest vacant lot on René-Lévesque Boulevard east of the CBD.

  • Building permits issued/advanced project

Details: 10 storey rectangular base of offices and commercial businesses,  24-story tower on top with152 housing units.

  • Building permit issued

Details: Two identical 41-storey towers.  Offices will be built in the first two floors, with 540 housing units offered in the rest.

  • Building permits issued

Details: Two buildings, a residential tower of 39 floors (357 residential units) with a smaller tower beside. The second tower will be a mix shops 120 housing units. Will replace an illegal parking lot currently there

  • Building permits to be issued soon

Details: 50 floors and aims to be the tallest residential tower in the city.  Will contain shops on the first two floors, offices on the following five floors and 315 housing units in the upper floors.

  • Building permits to be issued soon

Details: 48-storey building and complex combo to be made in Place des Canadiens. The complex will include a 14-storey complex for housing a bar, a restaurant and a sports center and a 47-storey tower comprising around 700 units.

Which building are you most excited to see?

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