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6 Perfect Winter Spa Getaways Less Than 45 Minutes From Montreal

January can be a  particularly stressful time of year, for everyone.

That said, it's important to slow down, breathe, and relax. And there's no better way to do that than a quick day trip to a beautiful and romantic spa.

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TL;DR Check out these 6 "nature getaway" style spas, all located less than 45-minutes from Montreal.

There are several spas located in the greater Montreal area, and some even slightly further in the Eatern Townships or Laurentians, for example.

You can take a solo trip for some much needed "me" time, or go with someone special for romatic experience, or with a group of friends and catch up on the past year.

Whether you're going alone or with friends, all these spas focus on two crucial components for the ultimate experience: relaxation and nature. Because those two things always go hand-in-hand.

1. Spa Eastman

Where: 895 Chemin des Diligences, Eastman, QC

A trip to Spa Eastman is not just about sitting in a hot tub for a couple of hours. It' s about immersing yourself in the nature of surrounding the area. For those looking for a spa with a "fitness" twist, the Eastman boasts 15 km of beautiful hiking trails, which you can enjoy before jumping into the sauna or relaxing with a professional message.

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2. Spa Balnea

Where: 319 Chemin du Lac Gale, Bromont, QC

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Spa Balnea, located just 30 minutes from Montreal, is perfect if all you're looking for is pure relaxation. This spa overlooks a beautiful lake, which can be accessed by guests in the summer months. They also offer several promotions and package deals, making this spa one of the more affordable of the bunch.

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3. Spa Nordique Station

Where: 285 Chemin des Pères, Magog

Located in the beautiful and culturally rich eastern townships, this spa destination, while a little farther from Montreal, is totally worth the journey for the nature escape it offers. The air out here smells pine fresh. You can enjoy the traditional nordic baths to simply relax, or book a professional treatment or massage for that extra touch of relaxation.

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4. Strøm Spa Nordique

Where: 1001 Boulevard de la Forêt, Verdun

Strøm Spa is located just a stone's throw from downtown Montreal on Nuns Island. Despite its proximity to the city centre, a visit to this spa gives the impression that you're miles away from the bustle of downtown. With designs characterised by sleek, minimal, scandinavian lines, this spa will be appreciated by those with a keen eye and appreciation for contemporary design. They also have specials and deals for the holidays, making a visit a great holiday gift for yourself or someone special!

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5. Polar Bear's Club

Where: 930 Boulevard des Laurentides, Piedmont, QC

This Laurentian spa is all about enjoying the beautiful outdoors — perfect for a post-ski sauna or relaxing hot tub session with friends. A visit to this romantic spa is ideal for a short day trip from Montreal or the perfect addition to a weekend getaway in the country.

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6. Sky Spa

Where: 6000 Boulevard Rome #400, Brossard, QC

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Located just a short trip south of downtown Montreal in Brossard, Sky Spa is unique in Montreal. Soaring at the top of Cartier DIX30, this spa not only provides visitors with a relaxing spa experience, but a unique panoramic view of the Montreal skyline in the distance.

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