6 Places Where You Can Go On A "Friend Date" In Montreal

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Friend dates are a very recent phenomenon people have been adopting. It’s a great way for people to kick start a platonic relationship. If you really want get to know someone (in a non-sexy way), then a friend date is a perfect way to open that possibility. Friend- dates are also awesome because it gives you the freedom to do something fun and different aside from the classic romantic dinner date.

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1429 A Bishop St.


Located right beside Concordia’s SGW campus, is probably the best café/bar combo in the city. Kafein has great food, great art and tons of happy hour events. The atmosphere of this place is great for a friend date. The atmosphere is incredibly chilled out which makes you feel right at home. The basement has comfy chairs and couches while the upstairs is bright and buzzing with classic style café tables. Everyone there has something to do, so you feel comfortable getting in conversation with out being listened to.


2015 Saint Laurent Blvd.

Eva B’s

Everyone loves a good shopping spree, so why not take your friend somewhere with funky clothes and low prices. Eva B’s is a wonderful place to bond over great clothing finds and laugh at other ridiculous items they carry. The two of you could spend hours there sorting through the racks and not realize any time has passed.


3841 Saint Laurent Blvd.

Studio Bliss

If you and your friend in question love a good work out, then why not try going to a yoga class. Studio Bliss has a gorgeous studio and talented instructors that will put you and your friend at ease. Yoga is ideal for a friend date because it is not too physically grueling, yet it’s still a fun way to be productive together. Studio Bliss also has awesome prices and deals so check out their Facebook if you want to know more!


Photo Cred - David Litcherman


If you’re up for something crazy then go sledding! There is no point for the two of you to stay cooped up inside complaining about the snow. Enjoy it! Mont Royal Parc has amazing hills to go down and tubes you can rent. There is no possible way you and your friend will not have a good time!


138 Atwater Ave.

Atwater Market

If you’re interested in having a quieter friend date, then the Atwater Market is always a great option. It’s a great way to casually shop while still being able to talk to your potential friend. There is also so much food at the Atwater Market that you have a lunch date built into your outing.


1115 Saint Catherine St. Est

Cabaret Mado

If you’re interested in having a night on the town with your friend, then we suggest Cabaret Mado. Cabaret Mado is a critically acclaimed drag show that is a saucy, interactive pleasure to watch. If your friend is into the raunchy and hilarious then this is the place for you two to go! It is right in the heart of the Gay Village which has an amazing night scene, so you and your friend can party it up afterwards.