6 Reasons Why Single Men Have It Better Than Single Women In Montreal

They just get away with it. As much as we try to ignore or deny it, it's true. Men and women are not equal. Don't get me wrong, we're almost there, but there is still unspoken prejudice and differences when it comes to a woman and a man. Especially in the dating world. Don't agree? Well you should go out more. You'll see it everywhere...

1. There's more women than men in the city.

2. Compared to other cities - Montreal women are more "promiscuous".

3. Women want a relationship, while men have 3-4 on the side.

4. Men get away with being big sluts while women get labeled.

5. Men can dress however they want (the hippie look is actually a thing now).

6. Men can get away with never really having to take out a girl properly and still score.