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6 Reasons Why You Should Attend The New Cirque Du Soleil Show In Montreal

Every year, Cirque du Soleil sets up its iconic blue and yellow tent in the Old Port for a show that is sure to blow your mind.

This year, however, Cirque du Soleil surprised its guests by not only changing up the colour of their tent but by creating a show, unlike any show you’ve ever seen before.

VOLTA is different. It’s a whole new kind of show with acts that you’d never expect from Cirque du Soleil. I was lucky enough to experience the premier of the show and boy was I blown AWAY.

If you’re not sure about this year’s newly anticipated Cirque du Soleil show… here are 6 reasons why you should attend:

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It’s a new show with a brand new theme

Okay guys, this year’s new Cirque du Soleil show had a brand new theme unlike any of the other themes from previous years. VOLTA combines the world of action sports in an urban setting while maintaining some of the more classic Cirque du Soleil acts. It’s a new show with a brand new theme.

From the moment the show starts, you are immediately hooked. I’m telling you guys, this is the show you don’t want to miss.

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There’s an epic BMX act that you need to see for yourself 

So I already mentioned that this year’s Cirque du Soleil draws inspiration from the world of action sports but what I didn’t tell you is that they have an epic BMX finale that will absolutely blow your mind.

I don’t want to give too much away but I have an ongoing case of anxiety STILL from the show. And that’s just from ONE act… there’s plenty of jaw-dropping acts that will have you wondering how the heck they do that!

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The rest of the acts are just as impressive

Just when you thought that you couldn’t be any more impressed, Cirque du Soleil steps up. From advanced rope skipping (no this is is not your regular elementary school double dutch), to acrobatic performances, an intense flatland bike and ballet duo, a fluid tight wire act that puts your yoga skills to shame, and more… each act is carefully executed in a very effortless way.

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The costumes are the

Ok, as if this wasn’t already obvious since EVERY year, Cirque du Soleil features some pretty amazing costumes. Now, I’ve been to many shows in my life, but this year’s show was bananas and one of the reasons is the costumes. All I’m saying is that there is A LOT of glitter and solid gold. I also got to feel some of the costumes myself and let me be honest with you… there’s a reason why the performers are in such great shape. Some of these costumes were packing some serious weight and about 90 meters of wiring. I mean, no need to hit the gym when you’re wearing a costume like that right?

#VOLTA prend son envol ce soir avec leur première mondiale à #Montréal! Suivez-nous tout au long de la journée sur Facebook, Twitter et Instagram! -- Ready to find your free? ONLY a few hours left to the #VOLTA World Premiere!

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The music is by non-other than M83!

You might know them from the song, Midnight City, but did you know the music of VOLTA is written by composer Anthony Gonzales from the band M83? That’s right. The synth-pop sounds were created specifically for this year’s new show!

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We can all relate to the message behind VOLTA

VOLTA is about a popular game show host called WAZ who has lost touch with his true self. In the pursuit of fame and selfies, WAZ has forgotten who he is. This message is relatable as f since we’re all too busy taking selfies and liking other people’s pictures on Instagram. It’s fun being on the other side watching what goes down in REAL life on stage. While VOLTA is meant to be a fictional world, their made up UTOPIA is really not that different from ours.

Don't miss the new Cirque du Soleil show happening in the Old Port until July 23. Grab your tickets to VOLTA here and check out their Facebook page for more info!