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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Pumped For Fall In Montreal

What you need to do in the Autumn season.
6 Reasons Why You Should Be Pumped For Fall In Montreal

Summer is over, big deal. So we no longer get super sunny days, skimpy outfits, and drinking in parks...OK so maybe we're a little sad summer is done too, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be pumped for Fall! Leaves change and so does the vibe of the city as things get a little colder, with events always staying cool. Autumn has tons to offer Montreal residents, from fashion, to festivals, to awesome foods. Take a look to see MTL Blog's top reasons you should be excited for the Fall season.

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Take A Stroll

Montreal is a great walking city, and at no time is the scenery better than in the Autumn. Sure its a little chillier, but just bundle up a bit and you'll be fine. Experience the beauty of the season with a walk up Mt. Royal to see the changing face of Fall foliage, as trees change from Summer green to vibrant red and yellow.

Fall Fashion

Time to break out the layers people because its getting chilly out. Fashion-minded folks won't mind, now you get to wear more of your wardrobe without getting overheated. Add to your outfit with jackets, scarves, and hats that compliment the weather and your figure. For the not-so-fashionable, you can finally bust out your big woolly sweaters to keep you warm. Comfy, if not particularly chic.

Fall Food

Fall marks the traditional beginning of the harvest, meaning some of your favourite fruits are ripe for the picking. Everyone loves a trip to Jean-Talon or Atwater markets to sample Fall flavours, but there's one Autumn event that gets everyone's stomachs growling: mothertruckin' Thanksgiving. Even if your family doesn't celebrate the epic food celebration, stores and restaurants are still serving out all of the favourites. Look forward to a Fall food gorge of turkey, stuffing, and that damn tasty pumpkin pie.

Halloween Parties

The sexiest party of the year comes at the close of October, also known as everyone's favourite shitshow, the city-wide celebration Halloween. Men and women compete to be as skanky as possible, while the clever among us try to figure out the most topical costume, and everyone just gets way too drunk. Nothing says Halloween like sexy people getting silly. Thank God for Fall holidays.

Hockey Season

Montreal loves its hockey, not that I had to tell you that. Fall marks the start of the hockey season, so be ready for more Habs jerseys in the streets and fans flocking to the bars to watch the game. Things get increasingly exciting as the Stanley Cup grows within reach, lets just hope the riots are kept to a minimum. Well, at least one.

Fall Festivals

Summer is the official festival season of the city, but Fall still has a lot to offer the festival lover. POP Montreal is already in motion, with the best music Montreal has to offer playing in venues throughout the city until October 4th. Fashion Week runs from Oct. 13-15th for all the fashionistas in the city. Also be sure to check out the film festivals of Fall: Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Oct. 7-18) & The Documentary Film Festival (Nov. 11-21).

If you learned anything from this list, it should be that you won't be bored this Fall season. Don't long for Summer because Autumn can be just as fun, and not as humid.

Did we miss your favourite Fall activity? Tell us so in the comments below.

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